10 Reasons I Love Royal Caribbean Cruise Line

There is no secret that I enjoy cruising. The best part about cruising is getting a sample of the many wonderful destinations that our earth has to offer. The next best thing that I like about cruising is Royal Caribbean International Cruise Line. I have cruised on several Royal Caribbean International Cruises and found them all to provide me with everything that I need, want and love.

Here are ten reasons why I love Royal Caribbean International:

  1. Activities. I have been on several cruise lines and have found myself struggling to find something fun to do while on the ship. When I cruise with Royal Caribbean, I am struggling to get to everything that I want to do. They have great shows, exciting trivia, funny game shows, karaoke, the best night club with great music and the belly flop contest is hilarious.
  2. The Promenade: Royal Caribbean has a place called the Royal Promenade on the ship. It has great shopping, pubs, desserts and my favorite 24 hour snack bar that has great pizza and sandwiches.
  3. Bon Voyage Party: I love the Bon Voyage Party! It is so live. The music is great. The energy is high. And they know all the latest line dances/twines.
  4. Service: The service aboard Royal Caribbean is outstanding!
  5. The coupons for the past guests are incredible.
  6. Johnny Rockets. Do I need to say anymore? The best hamburgers, onion rings and milk shakes are on Royal Caribbean.
  7. The Solarium. I like the Solarium because I am not a fan of getting tanned in the sun or a fan of wild kids in the pool. Therefore, the Solarium is the perfect place for me to enjoy the pool. The Solarium is an adult-only, covered pool area. It is the perfect place for me to enjoy the pool and relax without getting a tan from the sun and splashed by kids. I can still see the ocean from the huge side windows with a great view.
  8. The Dungeon. One of my favorite clubs is the Dungeon. The architecture is fabulous and the music keeps me on the dance floor all night long.
  9. I love that if you have an upcoming cruise that you are interested in taking, you can book it while on the ship and receive up to $200 onboard credit for your next cruise.
  10. The pricing. I can always find an itinerary that I like with great pricing to fit my budget. I know with Royal Caribbean, I will always get more bang for my buck.

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