Episode 97: Have Curves, Will Travel


Welcome to episode 97! Today, I’m joined by Alexis from Have Curves, Will Travel.

She is a plus-size queer traveler breaking stereotypes, pushing boundaries, and encouraging others to travel regardless of their backgrounds.

Let’s get into it:

[04:09] Growing Up Travelling

In 5th grade, Alexis first became interested in all the things that the world has to offer.

In her early 20s, her curiosity led her to jobs in Alaska and Colorado, and she hasn’t looked back since.
Having the strong support system that allowed her to leave home gave her the space to learn about herself.

After a 2-year break from travel, working as a professional baker and chocolatier, she went to the Philippines on her first big international trip, which catapulted her into a travel career.

[11:23] Travelling with a Family vs as a Tourist

Alexis’ trip to the Philippines was with a friend who had family there, and the experience was a wake-up call as she learned about the family and work culture that was different to what she was used to.

Travelling to a family is an experience that allows you to immerse yourself in the culture, eat homecooked meals, and see a destination that’s different from the usual touristic angle.

[15:39] Next Level Backpacking

In 2019, Alexis took a wild trip, backpacking in Thailand for 3 weeks, Bali for a week, and a week in Singapore.

Lessons learned include being more flexible with her plans and not trying to plan everything in advance. Things happen, and having a rough outline for how you want the trip to go will make it easier to adapt to anything that may disrupt your trip. 

[17:46] Accommodations

Staying in hostels, Alexis avoids staying in shared dorm rooms, as she sleeps with a CPAP machine, but chooses hostels specifically for meeting new people.

Staying in hotels and villas are a bit restrictive if you want to meet people but are great options when looking for luxury and relaxation.

[19:06] Quitting the 9-5

Alexis made a promise to herself that she would live outside the US for an extended period of time before she turned 30.

After her engagement and breakup during the pandemic, she started reevaluating the things that made her happy, and by her 29th birthday, she pivoted her life and off she went.

[21:13] People’s Thoughts

Once she decided to take her life abroad, there were the usual questions: Why? How? Are you sure?

But thankfully, she has a strong support system, and that made the move easier.

Not everyone has that support system, and travelers have to support one another as they go through these journeys. 

[22:11] Destinations

After deciding to take the leap, Alexis bought a one-way ticket to France, where she spent 2 months, and then to Ireland and Austria, two months in the UK, and two trips to Morocco.

[23:09] The Schengen Zone

The Schengen Zone is a collection of 27 countries in Europe. As a US citizen, the moment you set foot in one of these countries, a 180-day countdown begins, in which you are allowed to stay for up to 90 days.

[26:05] Work Exchanges

A great way to save money while travelling is to volunteer in exchange for accommodation.

There are endless options available, depending on your interests. You could volunteer as a gardener, as a social media administrator, at the front desk of a hostel, or as a caretaker, to name a few options.

[28:00] Regrets?

Alexis’ journey wasn’t always smooth sailing. There were moments where she didn’t know if she’d be able to afford groceries, and she could’ve given up and returned home, but her determination to make it work paid off.

[30:18] Morocco

Alexis has been to Morocco twice.

Not many people get quite how diverse Morocco is. It offers all kinds of vacation experiences, from ancient Cedar forests and Sahara Desert dunes to the High Atlas Mountains and beautiful sun-kissed beaches, and it has a rich, colorful history.

[31:55] Alexis’ Life Now

Alexis will still be travelling and writing her blog but will maintain a home base in Southern California working as a social media manager, both locally and remotely.

[33:32] Have Curves, Will Travel

Alexis has always enjoyed sharing her life with others through her writing.

As her travel message started inspiring more people, she decided to be more deliberate about her message that people should travel regardless of their age, size, race, religion, etc.

“These thick thighs have been in so many places around the world.”

I hope this episode has inspired you to get out and travel, to take that leap, and to push through whatever it is that’s making you want to quit, and remember that if it doesn’t work out in the end, you can always try something else.

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