Hello Travelers!


Are you tired of people telling you to quit your job and travel the world? As if that is the only way to travel the world!

Erica James, known as EJtheTraveldiva, helps real people, with real jobs and real budgets travel the world without quitting their day job by providing tips about how to pack, reviews of destinations and interviews with experts, and more!

Erica James aims to help new travelers as they ease from guided trips and cruises to exploring on their own.

About Erica James

Erica James is a love of travel, outdoor fun and Tennessee Whiskey! She started planning travel for friends and family and has turned it into a full-time career. She wants everyone to know that you can travel and see the world while being on a budget.

Erica James Travel is the go to travel agency to help people discover luxury travel on their own terms and budget.

​Luxury means many things to many people.  Erica James Travel goes the extra mile when it comes to helping clients experience luxury from the first phone call to discuss your vacation to feeling confident that your vacation will be perfectly planned, hassle-free, and filled with moments you’ll never forget.

It is our mission to help our clients experience amazing travel, all over the world, without breaking the bank.  As the definition of luxury is changing, every day, Erica James Travel is here to help you define what luxury means to you.

Erica James Travel is a full-service travel agency specializing in Caribbean and Mexico destinations due to her extensive travels, educations and studies of these areas. She is known for her unique, well-organized, and detailed itineraries, exemplary customer service, and an array of exclusive perks.

I hope you enjoy my travel agency, blog and podcast! And if you are here on this page, thank you for all of your support. Please subscribe to the podcast and it is my hopes that the beginning of your travel journey starts right here.

Erica James (@EJtheTravelDiva)