Episode 7: Why Travel Insurance? Here’s the Benefits

In today’s episode, I discuss a topic that isn’t too sexy, but you need to hear it!

Travel insurance is as important as your vacation. You have to handle your business before you make that trip on your dream vacation

A vacation is a serious investment, and it needs to be protected. Imagine all the things that can go wrong like a pandemic for example and you have to cancel your vacation but cannot get your money back? Or maybe getting sick and you need emergency medical attention?  Do not allow yourself to go through these types of ordeals without travel insurance.

If you are struggling to see the benefits of travel insurance, ask yourself the following questions:

Can I afford to purchase all of my essentials if I experience any trip delays, missed connections, or loss of luggage?

What if my trip was interrupted, am I okay with not being reimbursed for the tours, activities and hotel stay that I will not be able to experience?

Do I have enough money to pay for out-of-pocket medical expenses should I need medical attention while out of the country?

The benefits of having travel insurance coverage are immense and much needed when traveling. It is important not to take any chances when traveling which will also ensure you enjoy your trip without worries.

This episode is very informative and filled with personal stories that will give you the real scenario of things. Here’s just a preview of what to expect: 

  • [4:30] Timing is everything for two reasons; cancel for any reason and pre-existing medical conditions. Make sure you ask prior to booking your vacation, how much time you have to purchase travel insurance for these benefits to be included.
  • [12:26] Travel insurance covers trip delays that could cause your vacation not to start on the day/time you expected it. Read the fine print on how many hours before this benefit kicks in.
  • [14:21] If your vacation is ever interrupted by a incident that causes you to return home before your vacation is over, Trip interruption is a benefit that is covered by your travel insurance.
  • [17:11] Missed connection is when you are unable to make your connecting flight on your way to/fro vacation. Travel insurance offers coverage for missed connections, as well.
  • [19:35] Damaged or loss of luggage is a benefit that we can all use. Especially if your luggage is lost at the beginning of your vacation. You will need to purchase toiletries, clothes, and other items that are covered by your travel insurance. Don’t purchase too fast. You have to read the fine print. How man hours does it take for this benefit to kick in?
  • [22:01] Medical coverage. Your medical insurance in the United States may not apply outside of the U.S. therefore be sure to check with your medical insurance company prior to travel to find how far your medical benefits will carry you. If your coverage does not go beyond the United States, purchase travel insurance.
  • [28:29] 24-hour Concierge Services Coverage is often a benefit that is included with your travel insurance coverage. It provides assistance on things that might be hard to find on your own while you are in your destination like rental cars, local restaurants, local deliveries, etc.


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