Ball Out of Control, Around the World, On a Budget!

What if I told you that there is a way to ball out of control, around the world and do it with an affordable pay schedule that fits your budget?  Would you start traveling to the places that are on your wish list? 

If you answered, “Yes!” then pull out your list, pick your first destination and give me a call today! 

What prompted me to tell you how to “ball on a budget” was today, I realized that I only owe $169 more dollars on my 6 Day Western Caribbean Cruise in May 2012.  As I do every payday, I put $50 towards my upcoming cruise–well almost every payday.  That is when I realized that I have been paying on this cruise since last year and now I am down to $169!

Just like many of the big retailers in the world has layaway plans for things you wish to buy, so does the travel industry.  Paying on your vacation like a layaway allows you to travel where you want and pay over time.  For example, if you wanted to take a cruise, a year from now, a small deposit can hold your cruise, today, and the balance can be paid in monthly installments throughout the year, with your balance due by a specified date, provided by the cruise line.  The same system will apply for all-inclusive resorts and many other vacations packages.

My travel agency, Erica James Travel, has provided this option for many of our clients and groups.  Sometimes it is hard to drop large sums of money on a vacation, at one time.  Booking your travel through a travel agent is the best way to finance a vacation and develop a payment plan that fits your budget.  When booking directly, on most travel websites, full payments are required at time of booking.  A travel agent can help you establish and set up payment plans.

Alaska 2011

 I go on several trips a year and my friends often say, “How are you able to travel to so many places every year?”  I have my wish list and I put it in order of importance and then I plan ahead!  I arrange my budget where I can set aside $50 per payday and I apply it to travel.  Once I have decided on a vacation destination, I put a deposit down and I begin my bi-weekly payments until my vacation is paid in full.

And that, my friends, is how I ball out of control, around the world, on a budget!

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