Episode 47: Travel Talk with D. Carrie

Travel talk dCarrie

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This week, I talk to fellow podcaster, dCarrie. She is the host of the Travel N Sh!t Podcast, and she is a solo woman of colour traveller.

If you have ever thought you don’t have enough money to travel, or you’re not ready to travel, or you can’t travel like ‘other people’, dCarrie has got you.

Even with a full-time job, she has been proving to the world why she is a strong advocate of “we all get to go.”

Let us dive into this conversation:

[03:58] Travel N Sh!t.

Every week on the Travel N Sh!t Podcast, you can hear conversations on how travel intersects with regular life.

[05:09] How to better pay attention to yourself.

While you are traveling, it’s important to check in on yourself.

One of the first steps to putting a trip together for yourself is to book a trip based on what you want it to feel like and what kinds of experiences you want to have.

[07:40] Travel first or intention first?

DCarrie usually books her trips first. She has been known to book a trip the day before going.

Especially with a full-time job, making the most of a trip will depend on the available time and finances at the time of the trip. Once a destination is chosen, then the rest can fall into place based on how you are feeling, whether you want to turn up on the beach or stay further from the noise, visit museums, and whether you’re going to pay for transport or walk around.

“I tend to consider where I’m going to go based on what my money says at the time.”

[10:28] Travel with a full-time job.

There are so many people that say you should quit your job and travel full-time. Not everybody is able to do that.

If your travels do not pay your bills, it’s best if you keep your job until they do.

But, even with a full-time job, you can still travel the world.

Before Covid, dCarrie was doing as many as 6 trips a year with a full-time job.

[15:49] Do not feel guilty for traveling.

Many people are single and have no kids, but they have friends who have kids. Kids make it a bit more complicated to travel.

If your friends have kids and you want to travel, do not feel bad for doing those trips without them. “You can’t do everything with every friend.”

[20:50] Solo travel.

A month before dCarrie’s 25th birthday, she started doing one new thing every day. This was her gateway to going out and doing things by herself.

For many, solo travel seems daunting, but getting out there and doing just one new thing, even in the face of fear, can stretch your comfort zone.

Naming your fears and thinking through the many things that you do without a problem on a regular basis, can make you realise that many of the things you are afraid of in the moment aren’t as daunting.

[31:00] You do not have to stand out.

“In my experience of black women, we’re very in-tune with being social chameleons.”

There’s also nothing wrong with being extra precautious, like when people suggest keeping your phone out of sight or wearing a fanny pack under your clothes. Remember, sometimes this makes you stand out even more if it is not done discreetly.

You need to check in and figure out what will make you feel comfortable.

[34:49] Getting comfortable enjoying your own company.

If you live your life on your own, getting used to your own time makes it much easier to travel solo.

Sometimes making a last-minute decision is easier when you don’t have to consult another traveler.

[43:36] Traveling partners.

Since they started dating at the beginning of the pandemic, DCarrie and her partner have been doing road trips together.

Traveling with someone who has the same interests and living together makes discussing travel needs much easier.

[47:56] How does travel make you feel?

“It makes me feel like the little scientist I wanted to be when I was a kid.”

“I get to be a detective when I’m abroad and I have no f*cking clue where I am. I get to be an astronomer when I can actually see the stars in the sky because there’s no light pollution.”

Travel has the ability to change people and will allow them to see everyday situations in a different light.

[59:17] A bad trip or a lesson?

Sometimes things do not go as planned, or your expectations are higher than the actual outcome.

Things can go wrong on trips just as much as they can go wrong at your own home. Remembering this, you can something go wrong on a trip and still use that as a learning moment.

“A bad day a bad life does not make.”

[63:27] The Mindful Travel Course.

DCarrie’s course connects with black women in wellness to help find different ways to connect with themselves while travelling.

The 7-day course includes meditation, yoga, food, sound healing, breath, and heart check in, to name a few.

“The me right now is going to get me to the me in the future.”

[75:36] The Travel N Sh!t Podcast.

It is important to hear and see people who look and sound like you.

This podcast allows dCarrie to talk about her travels, inspiring others to travel because “if you can see yourself in someone else, you’re more willing to listen.”

If you want to know more about D. Carrie, check out her socials below!

Website: http://www.travelnshitpodcast.com
Mindful Traveler Course: http://bit.ly/TNSmindfulcourse
Solo Travel Planning Course: http://bit.ly/TNSstpc
Solo Travel Planning Workbook Bundle: http://bit.ly/TNSstpw
IG: http://www.instagram.com/travelnsh_t

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