Episode 53: Travel Talk with Tiffany Heard

Tiffany Heard

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Today, I have Tiffany Heard on the show!

Tiffany is a Ghana travel expert, author of Hues of Africa, blogger, volunteer, and world traveller.

We’re going to get into all things Africa – what she has experienced in her many visits there, and what we need to know when we decide to visit Africa ourselves.

This episode is definitely going to inspire you to learn more, travel more, and experience more, especially all over Africa.

Here we go:

[02:20] Who is Tiffany?

Tiffany is the recently published author of Hues of Africa: Journey Between the Lines, an Africa-themed adult colouring and activity book.

She is a blogger, travel content creator, vlogger, and she has her Master’s Degree in Social work.

[03:09] Did you grow up traveling?

Tiffany doesn’t recall traveling when she was growing up.

Her first major trip was to Ghana when she was in college. She went on a summer study abroad program for 6 weeks.

[05:09] Traveling to Ghana at 18.

The trip was so amazing that Tiffany wasn’t ready to go home after the 6 weeks.

There was a group of women on the trip, and the trip was long enough that they could immerse themselves in Ghana rather than having to do quick traveling throughout the trip.

[05:43] Studying abroad.

Tiffany went to Cal State Long Beach, but did her study abroad through a community college. In order to go on the trip, she took a geography class.

Had she gone on the trip through her university, she would’ve been able to go for a whole semester, instead of the 6-week trip she ended up taking.

[07:22] Tiffany’s travel life now.

“The great thing is, I can kind of pick up and go right now.”

Even though Covid-19 slowed down her travel, she’s still planning on doing a good amount of traveling during the summer to Mexico, Columbia, and her dream trip to Tanzania.

[08:06] Solo traveling.

Tiffany does both group trips and solo trips.

She absolutely refuses to wait on other people to travel, so she does a lot of solo travel, and she encourages everyone to travel solo as well.

[08:54] Why is solo travel important?

“I think it’s important to travel because sometimes we’re so busy wearing many hats, sometimes we don’t get a chance to be with ourselves… And it allows you to meet other people.”

[10:09] Solo travel safety tips.

Many people don’t do solo travel because they are afraid.

If you think about all the things that happen in the US, it’s weird to think that people don’t want to go abroad.

If you are afraid, you can register with the government so that they know you’re out of the country.

Always be aware of your surroundings.

Hire a tour guide. They know the local area, and they’re going to look after you.

[11:31] Going to Ghana.

Tiffany has been to Ghana at least 6 times – after falling in love with the country on her first trip, she just had to keep returning, and she even organised a group trip on her most recent trip.

If you like to eat, the food is fantastic.

The people are very welcoming as well.

Tiffany has several African outfits from her many trips to Ghana.

[13:48] Clothing for Ghana.

There are some places, like Dubai, where you can’t dress a certain way. Ghana is not like that – you can dress how you normally would.

Ghana is very westernised, so you’re going to see all the malls and familiar clothing.

If you do a naming ceremony, you’re dressed in cultural items.

Dress according to the weather and you’ll be fine. Pack light – you’re going to want to have clothing made for you while you’re there.

[15:13] Making outfits.

Anything you want made, you can have made.

You just need to pick the fabrics that you want, and go to a seamstress. You can expect it to be made quickly and inexpensively compared to back home.

If you’re not there for a long stay, make sure your clothing order is one of the first things you do when you arrive. That way you can be rest assured it will be ready for you once you leave.

Seamstresses are easy to find in Ghana. You can ask your tour guide, and they’ll make sure that you have your clothes by the end of your trip.

[17:14] Shopping in Ghana.

There are huge markets in Accra, Kumasi, and Cape Coast, and you can expect to find large shopping malls as well.

Shopping malls are more expensive, so Tiffany recommends supporting your local artists.

[18:09] Food in Ghana.

There are certain foods that you have to try.

Jollof rice – this dish is known throughout West Africa. It’s a spicy rice dish with either vegetables or your preferred type of meat. It’s on every menu, so you can’t miss it.

Fufu – this is a doughy food that you eat along with your soup.

Kenkey – this is similar to Fufu.

Red red – this is black eyed peas cooked in palm oil with plantain.

The fish is fantastic. You can get your fish fried or grilled. Be warned, some of the fish still have bones in them, so you want to make sure you eat around the bones so that they don’t get stuck in your throat.

They have so many soup variations as well.

If you want more of the big chain restaurants, you can find Burger King, KFC, and many of the other more familiar chains.

You can also find the mom-and-pop shops easily, and those have the best food.

[22:14] The minimum amount of time to visit Ghana.

If you have only 10 days, take the 10 days. If you have 2 weeks, take the full 14 days. If you only have 7 days, it’s almost not enough time.

[23:19] Accommodation in Ghana.

Tiffany stays with different families versus hotels. You can stay in an AirBnB, or you can stay at the Golden Hill Parker Hotel in Cape Coast.

Staying with the locals makes the trip very different to staying in a hotel.

[26:26] Take cooking classes.

Taking cooking classes in different places is important “because you want to see how they eat and what they eat.”

You can find these on AirBnB Experiences.

[28:05] Slave Castles.

It’s important to know your history.

When in Ghana, you can visit the Slave Castles in Cape Coast, which are where the slaves were kept. There are two that you can visit – the Door of No Return, and the Door of Return.

You can take a day trip, and you can spend the night there on a longer trip.

[32:08] Must-do activities in Ghana.

In Accra, you have the Krame Nkrumah Memorial and Mausoleum.

There’s a zoo and a sort of safari experience that you can do if you have the time. The markets are an experience on their own. You can also go out dancing and partying with everyone. You can go to a church service to see how the locals worship. Hang out with locals, do a dancing and drumming class, and do a naming ceremony.

For the naming ceremony, you have your material made, and you get your Ghanaian name, dance with the elders, and connect with the people. This serves to welcome you home and create that connection with the land.

[36:05] Hues of Africa: Journey Between the Lines.

This is Tiffany’s colouring and activity book.

So far, she’s been to four countries on the continent, and she’s making sure she spreads her love of Africa.

Her book serves to show Africa in a different light to what we’re used to seeing on the infomercials of the starving children. Many people need to go back to see the motherland.

It’s targeted at adults, but it spans all ages.

[39:03] Other places in Africa.

While volunteering in Spain, Tiffany decided she had to get across the water, and she ended up in Morocco. She’s been to the Sahara desert, rode a camel, and joined cooking classes.

On Airbnb Experiences, you can visit the blue city of Chefchaouen and do a photoshoot.

[40:34] Where would Tiffany go back to visit?

Tiffany had a good time in Cuba, Mexico, Tulum, Playa del Carmen, Thailand, and every one of her vacations has something that she has enjoyed.

[41:34] Making sure you have a good time.

You can expect there to be some bumps in the road when traveling.

Plan out your days, and have fun with everything that happens. If you have to cry, then cry, but the rest of the trip will be great.

[45:46] Favourite US destination.

Tiffany’s favourite destination is Washington D.C.

[46:12] Craziest food.

The craziest thing Tiffany has eaten is raccoon.

[47:24] One thing Tiffany can’t travel without.

Tiffany’s itinerary and camera are all on her phone. 

[48:16] Where to next?

Mexico, Columbia, and Tanzania.

If this hasn’t inspired you to travel to Ghana, and Africa in general, then I don’t know what will.

Tiffany has so much to share, so I will definitely get her back on the show so that we can get as much of that valuable knowledge as possible with you all.

If you want to know more about Tiffany Heard, check out her socials below!






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