Episode 62: How to Work with a Travel Agent

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Today’s episode is all about how to work with a travel agent.

Planning a vacation can be stressful, and you shouldn’t have to try to do it on your own. Travel agents are the solution – we can ensure that you have the perfect vacation while keeping your pockets satisfied.

As a travel agent myself, there are a few pointers that I can give you to ensure that the travel planning, and eventually the traveling itself, goes as smoothly as possible, and that you end up exactly where you never knew you wanted to go.

Here are a few tips:

[01:25] How do you envision your trip?

Before you even call your travel agent, you need to think about how you want your trip to go.

You need to know whether you want to turn all the way up, go on a wellness vacation, or kick back and relax for the entire trip. 

If you start with knowing these details, your travel agent will be able to narrow down the destinations and resorts that will give you the experience you want.

[02:46] Have a list of needs and wants.

Know your needs and wants. I know I prefer a good list of all the things that you’re expecting to have on your trip.

Tell me about the kind of room you want, the types of food you’re expecting to eat, whether or not you want a personal butler, the activities you want to have nearby, and any other must-haves that will make your vacation exactly right. The more information I have, the better your vacation will be.

[04:37] Give your budget.

I spoke about budgeting in episode 61, but I must mention it here because it is such an important thing to consider.

Your travel agent will be able to give you the best experience that your budget will allow. Don’t get yourself into debt trying to stretch your budget further than it can go.

This doesn’t only apply to you. If you’re traveling with others, you need to consider their budget as well. Everyone in a group won’t have the same travel preferences. A good travel agent will be able to take the group’s combined budget and put together a vacation that each person will enjoy.

[07:37] Trust the travel agent.

After you’ve given all the necessary information to your travel agent, they will get back to you with a few recommendations that best fit your needs.

Trust their recommendations. They know what they’re talking about, unlike strangers in the TripAdvisor comments section.

[10:05] Ask all the questions.

If you have questions, your travel agent has answers.

No, you’re not annoying for asking more questions than everyone else. We are here to help you until you have no more questions. 

[11:46] Get a travelling travel agent.

Would you go to a dermatologist with bad skin? How about an out-of-shape personal trainer?

Finding a travel agent follows the same logic – a travel agent that travels is always better. They have travel experience, they’ve seen the world, and they’ve stayed at various resorts and hotels. They would be able to make more accurate recommendations based on their experiences.

[13:24] Episode recap.

So, if you want to work with a travel agent and get the best results, you need to envision your trip, make a list of must-haves, know your budget, and be prepared to ask questions and accept the answers.

Get yourself a good travel agent (hint hint) and let them get you the best vacation.

I hope this episode has given you the necessary insight to get a travel agent to help you with planning your next vacation. You can’t go wrong with a good travel agent, and talking to them about all of the things mentioned in this episode is the best way to ensure that they provide you with the best options to suit your every need.

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