Episode 64: Being Happy is a Choice

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Today, I need to talk about happiness.

I just came back from a group trip, and having to adjust to different people’s personalities, moods, needs, and wants can sometimes be a bit tiring, especially when there are people with a permanent bad vibe.

If you are a naturally happy, fun-loving person, you know that you don’t want those negative vibes to rub off on you. Neither do I. No one wants it.

So, today’s episode is going to be about finding your happiness if you’re one of those people who always find something wrong going on around you, whether it’s the weather or a waiter looked at you funny.

If you find yourself at a luxury location, and you’ve got a stank look on your face 24/7, you need help.

Here’s that help:

[04:37] Being happy is a choice.

When you wake up, the first thing you need to do is choose to be happy. Before you’ve even stepped out of your bed, you better make sure you’ve made that choice, because if you’re choosing to be unhappy, you need to recognise that as a cry for help.

It is a choice. If you can choose happiness, why would you take all the extra effort to be grumpy and upset on your fun vacation?

[05:47] Travel is never going to be perfect.

If you had a perfect vacation where everything just went your way, you were lucky.

Chances are great that your vacation won’t be 100% perfect.

That doesn’t mean it wont be the best vacation you’ve ever had, but there will almost certainly be something that didn’t quite go your way.

The moment you accept that some things will go wrong, your vacations will be so much more enjoyable for you and the people you are in contact with.

[08:20] Fix your face.

Even if you fake a smile, it will trick your brain into being happier.

If you’re chilling with your toes in the sand with a sour face, you will not enjoy it, no matter how amazing the destination or the service is.

Put that smile on your face, give it a few minutes, and you will have a completely new experience. You will start to appreciate every moment of your vacation. If something goes wrong, you will take it as a positive experience.

[11:08] Get out of your comfort zone.

When you travel, you’re not always going to find the same type of fun that you have back home.

You’re going to hear different music, see different cultures, and taste different foods – you need to put yourself into those situations so that you can have fun and enjoy them. Just because the music is different doesn’t mean you can’t dance to it.

You can have fun on vacation, you can enjoy your surroundings, and you can turn up to someone else’s favourite party music, but if you don’t decide that you’re going to do it, you’re going to sit with a stank face in a crowd of dancing people.

Get out there and find your happiness. Start by fixing your upset face and choosing to live your best life, and the rest will happen naturally.

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