Episode 75: How to Incorporate Romance into Travel

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

Today’s episode is all about romance, and because this is a travel podcast, I’m talking about spicing up your travels with some romance.

There are the usual romantic trips, such as the weddings, honeymoons, babymoons, anniversaries, vow renewals, or whichever milestone you want to celebrate.

This episode is not about those trips.

Today, I’m talking about the ‘just because’ trips – those trips you take for no reason other than to treat yourselves or to have a good time over a weekend. Take a trip with your significant other, and just sprinkle some romance on top. There’s no reason why not to do it.

Here’s how you can do that:

[05:16] Adult-only resorts.

If you want to focus on being adults, or you’re trying to have some time to yourselves away from your kids, then going to an adult-only resort is a great option.

There are plenty to choose from no matter where you are.

[06:21] All-inclusive resorts.

Booking a stay at an all-inclusive resort takes the stress out of the vacation. No worrying about paying for transportation, food, room service, or any other things that you may otherwise need to include in your budget.

You can focus on yourselves and not your budgets.

[07:55] Room type.

One of my favourites is a swim-up room.

A normal room would usually have a patio or a balcony with a view. With a swim-up room, you can walk out of your patio door and straight into your own pool.

For the romantics out there: if you wait until late at night, you can slip out of your clothing and into your private pool with your partner, and just have some fun.

Other rooms that you can choose from are presidential suites, where you can have multiple room options, or you could get a jacuzzi terrace room if you can’t get a swim-up room.

These options can definitely add to your trip romance. 

[10:32] Romantic dinners.

If you’re at a resort, you can often arrange for a romantic dinner either on the beach or somewhere under the stars.

You will not find anything better than having an amazing meal with the sand between your toes and the waves crashing nearby.

[12:14] Couples massages.

At these resorts, you have several options for coupes massages.

You can most often have a massage with your partner at the spa, or you could request a massage in your room, or you could turn up the romance by having a massage on the beach.

[13:21] Romance packages.

If you’re looking for a simple way to ensure your vacation is romantic, there are plenty of romance packages designed to do just that.

They usually include bubble baths, breakfast in bed, rose petals, champagne, and room setups, to name a few options. All of these options are covered in the package pricing, so you don’t have to worry your budget.

[14:50] Dress up.

You don’t even have to pay for some things to be more romantic.

You could dress up on an evening out to a restaurant, and have a fancy romantic date, even if no one else is dressed up. It’s about your relationship, and it’s free.

[16:09] Order room service.

Another option that doesn’t add to your costs is room service.

It’s not only for those late-night French fries. You can order breakfast, lunch, or dinner and enjoy it on your patio.

If you want to add an extra touch to it, pack some candles into your luggage so that you can light them up and have a candlelight dinner.

[17:26] Couples photoshoots.

If you want to capture those romantic moments with your partner, you can hire a photographer for when you go on a tour or around the resort. You can purchase the photos and look back at the memories for years to come.

[18:49] Sunset cruises.

You can’t go wrong with a sunset cruise.

I even went rafting down Martha Brae River in Jamaica, and that with a glass of wine would’ve been perfect. It’s a relaxing journey down the river, so I would recommend choosing it if you find yourself in Jamaica (or anywhere with a calm river ride). 

[19:42] Gourmet picnics.

The resort will most likely be able to pack some snacks and a sandwich for you to take with you for a picnic on the beach or at the park, or wherever you feel like having a romantic picnic.

[20:17] Be present.

This is the best free thing that you can do.

Be present with your partner. Put away the phones, laptops, TVs, and definitely the social media, and just be in the moment with your partner. 

[20:54] Use the hotel’s resources.

The resorts have people available who are there to enhance your vacation. Speak to the concierge, give them your vision, and let them help you make that vision come true.

Traveling with your partner can be a transformative experience. There are ups and downs, and you’re experiencing those things together. Adding some romance to that traveling can make the sparks fly in your relationship, allowing you to reconnect as a couple on a fundamental level, and fall in love with each other all over again.

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