Episode 81: Bleisure Travel

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Do you remember when we would travel somewhere and we would always get the question, “business or pleasure?”

When I first graduated college, I would travel for my first job, and that was business travel. We didn’t have social media, so no one was taking advantage of all the opportunities that we now know exist. If I knew about bleisure travel, believe me, I would’ve been living my best travel life a long time ago.

Today, if I get asked the question, “business or pleasure?”, I’m saying both business AND pleasure, which is what we’re going to talk about today, and it’s known as Bleisure Travel.

Here we go:

[04:25] Bleisure Travel.

If you’re traveling for business, you can actually do more than just business.

You could go to the destination, do your business as planned, and then treat the rest of your time at the destination as a vacation.

Before the pandemic, when people planned their bleisure trips, they would extend their stay beyond what was needed for the business.

Since the pandemic, there’s a new type of bleisure travel that has taken off, and that is working remotely. 

[04:56] Extending your stay.

This is the most common form of bleisure travel.

For example, if you had a business trip to another city, state, or country, on a Wednesday and Thursday, and it’s all paid-for by your company, you could extend your stay through to the Sunday instead of returning on the Thursday evening.

That means that from Friday through Sunday, you could enjoy the destination, have good food, take tours, do some sightseeing, or do a cruise to nowhere (yes, those are a thing).

[06:38] You pay for the extension.

Unless your company explicitly agrees to pay for it, you have to assume that you are paying for the leisure part of the trip.

You will get yourself fired if you try to charge them for it.

[07:02] Know your company’s policy.

Before you extend your stay, you will want to know what your company’s policy is on leisure extensions.

If the company is paying for the flights, and the costs work out the same after the extension, then you might be able to justify it, but you’re going to need to do some convincing, so make sure you have all the information they might need to decide.

[09:28] Book lodging separately.

Your company will most likely pay for the accommodation for the duration of the business part of the trip, so you will need to either book yourself into a new hotel or extend your stay at the current hotel on a separate bill.

Hotels are familiar with these situations, so it’s far less complicated than it seems. Just speak to the hotel and they will know exactly what to do.

Again, do not charge your company for the extended stay, even if it is for only one night. Do not do it.

[11:09] Travel during the week.

If the business trip is during the week, make sure your company knows which days you’re taking off as vacation days.

If you’re traveling on a Wednesday and Thursday for business, take a vacation day on the Friday if you’re extending through the weekend.

[13:12] Remote work.

This type of bleisure travel has become more popular since the pandemic started.

As you all know, I have a full-time job, but I’ve also travelled during the pandemic, and I did that by doing my job remotely at my vacation destination.

So far, I’ve travelled to Cabo San Lucas, Jamaica, Costa Rica, and most recently to California.

At each of these places, I stayed for two to three weeks at all-inclusive resorts, all while being able to keep doing my job remotely.

[15:22] Take vacation time.

Over the weekends, you can visit your destination before getting back to work on Mondays, or you could take a week of vacation time and enjoy the destination for a whole week.

Just because you’re working at a vacation destination doesn’t mean that you can’t take your vacation time. You need time off no matter where you’re working.

If you’re there for three weeks, take one week off and work for two weeks. Plan around your work schedule and make the most of your destination while also balancing your work-leisure time.

[17:38] Explore a new destination.

You can only see so much of a destination if you only spend a few days there.

If you’re there for several weeks, your experience is totally different because you get to immerse yourself in more than just the resort where you’re staying.

[18:27] You will feel rejuvenated.

If you’re like me, you have a strict daily routine, and after a while, it can become exhausting, and you just need to get away.

Booking a remote work trip can be an amazing way to rejuvenate for a few weeks, and you save the vacation days it would’ve cost you to go to the new destination in the first place.

[19:32] You save money.

When you’re staying at an all-inclusive resort, you save so much money on things like food, drinks, transportation, and entertainment.

If you have connections in your destination, you could even save money on accommodation by staying with family or friends. 

For those extending business trips, you get to save on the flights and at least a few days of accommodation.

[21:01] Today’s takeaways.

Not everyone can spend several weeks at a destination. If you do get the opportunity to go on a business trip paid for by your company, I want you to extend that trip by a few days.

Turn your business trip into a bleisure trip, experience that destination, and rejuvenate for a few days before getting back to business again.

Has this episode given you some inspiration to get into bleisure travel? If you didn’t know about these travel opportunities, I hope you will grab them by the horns and take full advantage of every one of them.

The world has changed, and there are more chances to get out and see it than ever before, and you can do it while holding a full-time job.

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