Packing Tips and Advice from Travel Fashion Girl

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Did you know that you can travel to any destination with just a carryon? But how do you do that when you have multiple things you’ll probably need for your upcoming trip? Well, it is totally doable when you change your perspective. 

On the show today we have Alex Jimenez of Travel Fashion Girl—a website that teaches women how to travel with just a carry-on for any destination in the world. She specializes in helping women figure out what to wear, how to pack, and what products to take.

Alex started traveling the world in 2008 after taking a break from the fashion industry and later had an epiphany that changed her view on life. She started the Travel Fashion Girl empire after five years of traveling.

Stop thinking of the ‘what ifs’ when packing because you can always buy something that you really need. 

This episode was fun and filled with so much valuable tips on how to pack for your carryon. Here’s a preview:

  • [9:45] Every single item that you take has to make sense. It has to be multi-purpose with very light fabric that is functional. Travel Fashion Girl teaches how to choose from their own clothing without getting travel technical.
  • [11:35] The secret of packing cubes. Alex learned to use packing cubes as a form of compression versus organization to fit as much stuff into a smaller space to be able to travel with a carry-on only.
  • [12:58] Think of your go-to clothing pieces that makes you feel confident. We buy for many reasons and just end up wearing very few pieces of what we own. But there are always a few pieces that make you feel good and comfortable, which are more important than any fashion trend.
  • [18:57] Always check the weather before you travel. When you know what to expect, you don’t need just in case items. This can also help you carry versatile clothes that can act as ‘just in case’ items.
  • [21:34] Invest in your shoes and jackets more than any other items. Always consider your activities, the weather, the time of the year by doing your research properly.
  • [26:02] Moving and settling in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. Alex explains why after years of traveling to 50 countries and never really settling down, she finally made the hard decision of settling in Playa del Carmen, Mexico.
  • [33:33] Traveling solo. Alex explains how she first opened up her eyes to traveling alone, started traveling with a partner, and is now open to start traveling and having experiences alone again after her divorce. Learn about the benefits of traveling solo and enjoying your experience and how to handle traveling with friends to still enjoy your travel.

Enjoy your travel and let it change you!

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