Solo Cruising Day 2: Be In The Moment

On this day, I slept in until my body naturally woke itself.  What a great feeling to naturally wake on your own with no agenda insight to control your day.  I turned on the T.V. and watched the last half of an animated movie before I finally rolled out of bed, pulled back my curtains to a beautiful view of the ocean–stunning!  The day was beautiful.  Perfect weather.  “This is vacation” I thought to myself.  I opened the balcony door and allowed the sounds of the ocean to fill my room with peaceful bliss.  After showering, instead of drying off with a towel, I sat on my balcony and allowed the natural wind to do it for me.  “It’s amazing…” as I think to myself, looking out into the blue skies, white clouds and waves, “…this is living.” 

Although there was so many amazing things to do on the ship—at that moment—I just want to live in the moment and enjoy what I was feeling and seeing.  Being in the moment is becoming a lost art and when I am away from the office, I try to not let that concept escape me.  I try to take the time to just be in the moment and be aware of what I am feeling and experiencing.

I finally left my balcony and headed to the buffet for lunch.  After satisfying my hunger, it was time to engage in a cocktail and some sun, so I found myself a great spot by the pool near the stage for the live band.  There, I sat for hours as I grooved to the Caribbean sounds of the band, people watched, and I tried to read my book, in between all the action at the pool.  There was so much going on in the pool area that it was hard to try and focus on my book.  Since I was traveling alone, I took 3 books with me thinking I would be able to read them all in one week.  However, with so much action going on, at the pool, I began to think that goal would be void.

I found myself getting sleepy.  It could have been the cocktails that were causing me to struggle to keep my eyes open.  Since I was traveling alone, that afforded me the luxury of taking an afternoon nap.  Therefore, I went back to my room, opened the balcony and napped as the ocean sang me to sleep.

When I woke, I felt the need to get out and see what the night had in store for me.  I headed to the atrium for some more live music.  Being from the Music City of Nashville, I am a lover of live music.  It is just so kind to the soul.  A cocktail and live music is such a great past-time in my life.  After getting my live music fix, I headed to Headliners – a comedy spot, on the ship.

After the comedy show, which was funny, I went back to find me a seat for more live music.  It is just a great feeling that I craved more of the atmosphere of soul sounds and cocktails. 

Needing to put some food on my stomach, I head to a rodizo style restaurant for dinner.  You know the restaurants that keep bringing you meat on a stick until you can’t take any more, right?  Well…..the meat just kept coming and coming and I just kept eating and eating until I finally had to roll myself back to my room to sleep it off.

It was a great day 2 of my solo cruiser experience and what I learned today was that it is important to be in the moment and be aware of what your environment is offering you.  Notice it.  Embrace it.  Enjoy it.

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