Things You Should Not Do on A Plane

As we are living in a civilized world, there is proper etiquette that should be maintained to be a part of society. Don’t you think? What are your thoughts on airplane etiquette? I know most people are traveling for vacation, and everyone is excited, letting loose, having a good time without a care in the world. I get it. I feel the same way when I travel. However, we can’t let everything go out of the airplane window because, after all, we are still among many other people.

Here are six behaviors I believe no one should do on a plane, ever.

  1. Using the speaker on your phone is not okay! If you forgot your headphones and the airline could not provide you with any, then you are out of luck. You should not continue to watch your social media videos or FaceTime with others while you are on the plane. As much as you want to entertain yourself while flying, those around you will not be entertained by your loud disturbances. Also, allowing your kids to play their video games with the volume up and no headphones is not good airplane etiquette. It’s okay if your child plays a game with no volume. They will survive.
  2. Popping gum is unacceptable. Popping your gum is an annoying habit in everyday Popping gum in a closed environment takes that annoying sound to the next level. I was on a flight one time when the lady behind me started popping her gum. Another lady across the aisle immediately asked her to stop. I wanted to give that lady a medal.
  3. Be aware of the person that is sitting in front of you. Kicking their seat, putting your knees in the back of the seat, or slamming your tray table can become a nuisance to that person. Also, keep in mind if you have a touchscreen built-in to the seat in front of, tapping it too forcefully while playing a game or searching for what to watch can be felt by the other person!
  4. Strong scents in a closed environment are especially not unacceptable when flying. Spraying perfume, body spray, or cologne, as well as putting on lotion with a strong scent, can rub other passengers the wrong way. There are some people with sensitivity to strong smells, and being in a closed environment takes that sensitivity to the next level. On a separate note, if you are planning on taking off your shoes during the flight (nothing wrong with that), make sure your feet don’t stink! Not being able to escape that stinky feet smell can be so much worse than some overly powerful perfume or lotion.
  5. Please don’t crowd a row for no reason. I was recently on a Southwest flight, where the flight attendant announced it would only have 41 passengers, and therefore, everyone could spread out and have a row for themselves. I was sitting in the aisle seat when a lady came down the row to ask if anyone was sitting in the window seat. The plane is practically empty, so you want to crowd my row and sit with me? I was planning on stretching out and putting all my items under each seat for easy access. With all the empty seats on the plane, why would you sit in the same row with a total stranger? It makes no sense!
  6. Don’t strike up a conversation with someone who obviously doesn’t want to. If someone has put their headphones in after settling down or is clearly into their book, newspaper, or screen, leave them to it. Sometimes meeting new people on a flight can pass the time nicely, but sometimes, people just want some peace and quiet. Read their body language and clues before you jump into a game of 20 questions.

Traveling is a lot of fun, and plane rides are no exception. Where there should be exceptions are in your behavior. While everyone wants to kick back and relax on a plane, it’s important to be aware of others and how your decisions can affect them. Whether it’s waiting to spray your perfume until you’re in the terminal, or keeping your elbows a bit more tucked while you’re in that middle seat, we can all make the journey more enjoyable for ourselves and others by avoiding poor plane etiquette. So next time you’re boarding a flight, I hope you keep this list in mind.

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