Episode 8: 10 Sustainable Travel Tips for the Newly Inspired Traveler

Have you ever wanted to be an environmentally responsible traveller but just did not know where to start? Perhaps, you felt you could not give up all of your luxuries in life and need to take baby steps in taking care of the environment as you travel?

Let us admit it, sustainable tourism is hard and is only going to harder, I can feel it. This is because we do not want to deprive ourselves during a vacation, I do not. But we must learn and take baby steps as we go along.

In this episode, I will share 10 simple environment-friendly tips to get you inspired to add more actions to your journey towards sustainable tourism.

Sustainable tourism is having a positive impact on the destination, the people, and the animals as you travel the world. You can be responsible and still have fun while on vacation.

I want to inspire, motivate, and encourage you to become more curious about sustainable travel. The episode is sure to inspire and you cannot afford to miss the value of it if you really have the desire to make this planet a better place as you travel.

Here is a preview of what awaits you:

[5:14] My two vacation experiences that led me to switch from plastic straws to reusable metal straw. I love drinking with a straw. These experiences taught me to always travel with my metal straw kit and even had some made so that I can spread the word and help others not make the same mistake that I did.

[8:37] Always carry a reusable bag. This is a simple tip offered by Ariel Green from the Sustainable Brown Girls Community. The purpose of it is so you can refuse any plastic bag offered to you during your trip.

[8:55] Rent a bike. In most large cities, this is offered at a low cost which will not only help you to see most of the city and get some exercise but also reduce emissions.

[10:04] Travel with a reusable travel cup and refuse plastic bottles and cups. I have a yeti cup that I originally carried with the intention of keeping my drinks cold, but I now use it everywhere.

[11:40] Carry your own eating utensils so you do not have to use plastic ones. This is uncommon because most restaurants do not use plastic utensils. But since COVID-19, this seems to have changed and we can now start trying to take on the habit of being more responsible travelers.

[12:43] Do not request new towels and linens daily at the resort. I know you do not necessarily change your sheets every day at home now, do you? So, why should you be requesting it at the hotel?

[13:36] Turn off the AC, the lights, and the TV at the hotel. Do this just as you do at home. I have been at a resort and a cruise ship where they have upped their technology and connected all the room’s power to the key.

[15:37] Utilize the local places and the people. Always remember that some of the local people depend on tourism as their livelihood. Give back to that community by learning to support them in any way you can, eating in local restaurants, shopping locally, and using local tour guides.

[16:41] Select hotels that are into sustainability. This might take a while but with baby steps, we will eventually get there.

[17:41] Be curious and do your research about sustainable travel. This will help you to learn and move forward with your journey with sustainable travel.

Being sustainable will make you feel great about yourself and propel you to be motivated to continue being sustainable.


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2 thoughts on “Episode 8: 10 Sustainable Travel Tips for the Newly Inspired Traveler

  • Ariel Green

    These are awesome tips, Erica! I was also surprised when I saw the satellite images of the Earth when well kept our butts at home. Hopefully more hotels & destinations will offer ways to be sustainable while traveling, but in the meantime, it’s all about the baby steps as you mentioned. Thanks for sharing these sustainable travel tips with your community!
    – Ariel Green, Sustainable Brown Girl

  • You are welcome! Hopefully others will be inspired to take action. I really appreciate you helping me out on this podcast. You will have to join me one day for a full episode.

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