Benefits of Using a Travel Agency

There are so many benefits of using a travel agency. Have you ever heard of “net lag” or “scroll fatigue”? Perhaps you have experienced this many times while spending countless hours searching the internet looking for information to assist you when planning your upcoming vacation. recently did some research and discovered that travelers are spending countless hours researching their vacation and they find this process to be extremely stressful.

So why stress yourself out and spend countless hours planning your vacation when you can have a travel agent do it for you?  Don’t risk having net lag or scroll fatigue when you can quickly and easily reach out to a travel agent. 

Here are 6 benefits of using a travel agent for your next trip:

More bang for your buck

Booking with a travel agent can actually end up saving you money because they have access to the best deals and promotions, as well as special perks and benefits that can enhance your experience. Plus, they can make special requests on your behalf which are more likely to be granted.

Saves you time:

Travel agents can put together a package deal for you in no time flat, something you potentially would spend hours or days trying to do. They do all the research and legwork for you, and they’re experts at it.

Trustworthy reviews

Sure, you can read those online reviews from ‘fellow travelers’, but how do you know they’re telling you the whole story, or if they’re getting paid to write the review? Travel agents, on the other hand, spend time and training in destinations to make the best recommendations. For example, I have spent days at a destination, pounding the pavement to check out every aspect of a place in order to give my clients an honest opinion of the best resort for their ideal vacation. So, leave it to the real experts, not random people online.

  • Why use a travel agent instead of booking onlineThe internet does not care about you! Thankfully a travel agent definitely does care, and will be there for you from beginning to end and every time in between. If something goes wrong, just call your agent to take care of it. Travel agents are there to assist you with your trip and they care if you are happy or not. The internet can’t do that.
  • Agents are experts: There is more to travel than just getting on a plane and arriving at your destination. Travel agents know this and know how to travel well and travel smart. They have firsthand knowledge and advice to make every aspect of your trip enjoyable and hassle-free. They can also give you travel tips and hacks to enhance your overall experience.
  • Personal Relationship: A proper travel agent will never have someone else answer her phone or put you on hold. That agent is a real, live person who you can count on to meet with you and discuss your expectations. As a personal travel agent, I am passionate about travel and want to inspire and motivate my clients to feel the same and make the most of their experiences. I don’t know about other agents, but my goal is to have my clients start their sentences with, “Well, MY travel agent…”

You trust a doctor with your health, you trust a teacher with your kids, and you trust a mechanic with your car (most of the time, at least!). Why not trust a travel agent with your vacation planning? It can save you time, money, and stress, all while giving you an even more enjoyable vacation than you could imagine. So, instead of booking your next vacation, book yourself a travel agent, who will plan not just your next travel experience, but all of them. J

4 thoughts on “Benefits of Using a Travel Agency

  • Pamela Phillips

    My best vacations were planned through Erica James Travel over the past six years. I love not having to do anything but tell Erica where and when and she comes back with all of the information we need to start our next vacation. I love the fact she introduced paying for vacations in installments. I honestly wouldn’t have traveled the places I have been if it weren’t for her telling me you can make payments instead of paying for your vacations in full all at one time. Every vacation she has planned for us has been exceptional!!

  • It’s interesting that you point out that using a travel agent can save you a lot of time and money when you are planning a vacation. I want to take a luxurious vacation with my wife this year, so I’m considering working with a travel agent. I’m going to search in our area for a reputable travel agent to hire.

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