Blue Hole Mineral Springs – Jamaica

Blue Hole Springs Jamaica

During my recent visit to Jamaica, I left the resort for a more off-the-beaten path experience and visited Blue Hole Mineral Spring.

This spot is not your normal tourist destination.  It is very laid back and chill.  A very hidden gem.

From the Royalton Negril, it was about a 30 – 40-minute drive. I am guessing because I was enjoying looking out the window and taking in the destination that I lost track of time, but it was a good little drive.


Blue Hole Springs Jamaica

I signed up for the full experience, therefore when I arrived on the property, my first experience was a tour and lesson about the weed farm. 

Yasssss, I said weed farm. I was able to get schooled how weed is grown from start to finish and the different types and flavors.

It was impressive and amazing to see how much work goes into growing weed and ensuring that the quality is superb.

After being in the hot sun, in the “garden” of weed, I headed to the owner’s house, where it has been turned into a hotel and you can stay on property.

In the owner’s house, I was able to see the drying room where the weed goes after it is pulled from the fields and hung in an air-conditioned environment to dry. 

Blue Hole Springs Jamaica

After drying, the weed is then chopped up and cut. In this tour, each of us received a small portion “to go”.


After the entire experience with the weed process, we moved to getting inside the cenote.  You can either jump from 25 feet high or climb down a ladder into the chilly beautiful blue water.  


While I was in the cenote, the employees were inside the rocks, digging out the minerals, while I swam, to use to give me massage. This is nature at its finest to watch someone climb inside of a rock and dig out natural minerals for a massage.


After a great swim, I was rubbed and massaged from head to toe with natural minerals that were pulled out of the cenote while I swam. It was a very relaxing massage that was amazing.

Full Body Massage


After the massage, I rinsed off and then got in the pool of mineral water. The pool was filled with mineral water that was pumped from the cenote——I know this because I could see the pipe that was pumping it from one spot to the next.

You can swim and enjoy this natural pool or pull up a lounge chair around the pool and chill.


The Blue hole Mineral Spring spot also had a bar on property that you could just sit and chill and smoke your weed that you received as a part of your tour and sip on some liquor and take in the experience and the sounds of Jamaican music.

There is also a rooftop that is the perfect spot to enjoy a cocktail and take in the views of Jamaica.

It was truly an amazing experience. 

You do not have to do everything that comes on the property. You can pick and choose what you want to experience

However, if you do everything that I did, this is what you need to remember to bring with you:

  • Swimsuit
  • Water Shoes
  • Towel
  • Lotion
  • Camera
  • Sunscreen
  • Bug Repellent
  • Wear Tennis Shoes if you are doing the weed farm tour! No flip flops!
  • Deodorant if you are continuing with your day
  • If you are getting the mineral massage, do not wear makeup prior. Put your make up on afterwards. They have washrooms, you can get dressed after your water activities.

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