CoCo Bongo: An Epic Night of Fun

Coco Bongo

If you are looking for some nightlife, off the property of your resort, may I suggest CoCo Bongo! Should you find yourself in a destination where this fun energetic Las Vegas meets Cirque du Soleil, then you should make it a point to spend an evening full of good music, entertainment, and fun.

What is Coco Bongo?

Coco Bongo is a nightclub that plays music with a show. The latest hits, as well as the hottest hits from back in the day. While some of the music is playing, a full show maybe on stage perform that song. You could see impersonators from Michael Jackson to Brittney Spears to The Mask. There are confetti, balloons, acrobats, show girls, dancers, smoke and more! And all of this going on while you enjoy an open bar for the multi-hours that you spend partying the night away.

Where are Coco Bongos located?

Reasons why I love CoCo Bongo.

  1. The show is amazing!  At any given time, there is a performance to the music that is being played.  It could be a reenactment of the actual music video that goes to the song, it could be impersonators on stage performing the song, or it could be show girls performing to the song.  You get a variety of performances that is certain to entertain you in some way.  It is the most entertaining club that I have been to in my entire life. 

2. The atmosphere is LIT.  It is literally impossible to be in this club and not have great energy.  The crowd is hyped and there is so much going on with smoke being spread around, balloons coming from the ceiling, confetti flying everywhere, people flying from the ceiling.  It is mind blowing and so much to see and experience.

3. There is an open bar! On top of the great music, awesome entertainment, there is plenty of drinks flowing from the open bar being served by the amazing fun bartenders.  And the bartenders are coming around frequently to ensure that you either always have a shot or a drink.

Do You Need Tickets for Coco Bongo?

What you need to know about the cost of getting into Coco Bongo is there are levels to the fun.

When I go to CoCo Bongo, I like to purchase the Gold Member Tickets for the maximum experience.

  • The Basic Ticket.  The basic ticket is general admission.  You are getting in the door and that is it.  Come in, stand all night, and enjoy the show.  Open bar is not included in this ticket.
  • The Regular Ticket:  This ticket allows you to skip the line where the basic ticket people are waiting to get in the door and an open bar is included.
  • VIP Gold Member:  You not only get to skip the line, but you have early entry into the club before it opens to the public.  This ticket comes with an open bar with premium liquor—so you know I was able to enjoy my Jack Daniels all night.  The most important thing about this ticket is you get a seat to enjoy the show.  And trust me, this comes in handy when you are at this club for 5 – 6 hours straight!  You want to not stand all night long.

All tickets come with round-trip transfers to and from your resort.

CoCo Bongo is definitely something that you will want to experience if you enjoy a nightclub with good music, if you enjoy an entertaining show and if you enjoy an open bar. If you enjoy those three things, then you surely will not be disappointed.

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