Episode 29: A Couple Who Travels Together

In this episode, I talk to Leonard and Jernita about their travel journey as a couple. Their story is amazing – their first date was in Panama, and their first kiss was outside the US!

Highlights from this episode:               

[16:45] Send a copy of your itinerary to friends and family.

Always send a copy of your itinerary to friends and family, and just in case something doesn’t go right, have an exit strategy – even if you don’t end up using it.

[21:19] Traveling together.

Pre-Covid, Jernita and Leonard travelled together three times a year, with one of them being a major trip.

Although they have different individual travel styles, travelling together has allowed them to broaden their own perceptions of travel.

“You don’t have to leave the country all the time to have cool stuff.”

[26:51] Deciding where to travel.

When travelling as a couple, you need to have certain criteria when deciding where to go – easy to get to, fun activities at the destination, and most importantly collaborating with the planning.

[27:57] Great places within the US.

As Leonard said, you don’t have to always go abroad to experience amazing things.

For example, they purchased a kayak and an inflatable boat that they keep in the car so that if they see some interesting spots, they can just get on the boat and explore the mountains and rivers.

[29:30] Some advice to couples wanting to travel together.

Don’t over-pack – less is more. If you have many suitcases, then a lot of your time might be spent on keeping track of luggage, or waiting at baggage-claim, and it can be stressful to carry around, especially if you’re trying to get in and out of places quickly.

Planning is so important. You want to know the weather and you want to plan functional and comfortable outfits.

[34:55] Travelling with different interests.

“We do common things together. However, we don’t keep the other person from doing something that they’re interested in doing.”

Before you ask, they get on each other’s nerves. That’s also why it’s important to be transparent with your partner about what you do and don’t like, and it’s okay to like different things – if you don’t have those conversations, you’re going to end up having a bad time doing something you didn’t want to do.

Find the balance when travelling with your partner. You might find that you’re interested in new things.

[45:39] Balancing travelling together with travelling separately.

Jernita and Leonard celebrate each other’s interests, and those interests include travelling to their own places sometimes.

“We both have existed outside of one another for decades.”

“You shouldn’t have to destroy me for you to become an ‘us.’”

[50:24] Words of wisdom.

If you’re thinking of starting your couples travels, just start. You don’t have to go international for your first trip – do a road trip, as long as you do something.

Plan it together as well. Make it a joint effort.

Experience new places with someone you care about. You can go to the most amazing places, but it doesn’t compare to the experience of sharing those moments with someone else.

“Celebrate each other’s interests.”

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6 thoughts on “Episode 29: A Couple Who Travels Together

  • Curtis Holbert

    Once again “dope” interview. You’re such a natural….
    One word I took from this podcast, “Dope.” Lenny is bad dude… Big ups to him. I would love to see some of their travel photos. Iceland, Africa, Amsterdam and Egypt are pretty much all on my bucket list. This what life is meant to be. There’s so much more out there to see in this world, and doing it with your significant other, is just “Dope!” Can’t wait for the next podcast.

  • Pamela Phillips

    Absolutely fabulous interview!! I definitely can relate to Leonard and Jernita regarding traveling as a couple. My spouse and I definitely have a travel connection as a couple. He loves to drive, so i have visited states that i never would have thought to go too. I totally agree with Vernita about traveling light and being able to handle your luggage, so your not wasting time waiting on a ton of luggage!! Congratulations Leonard & Jernita on your upcoming marriage!!

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