Episode 9: Travel Talk with Leonard Bean

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Are you friends, on social media, with people who are always traveling, they never seem to be home, they are out living their best life and exploring the world? You know those kind of people, right? We all follow, at least, one person like that! I don’t know about you, but I love following people like that! I love hearing about people’s travels and being inspired by them to travel to new places.

In today’s episode, we’re going to talk to Leonard Bean who has a love and a passion for travel. He will share how his passion for travel was sparked, the many places he has been and how he is pivoting during this pandemic to feed his travel needs.

Instagram: @leonard_bean

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2 thoughts on “Episode 9: Travel Talk with Leonard Bean

  • Pamela Phillips

    Leonard brought back memories in his interview about how we only traveled to see family and never really went on a real vacation. What’s funny is, we didn’t even know we were missing out on anything until some of us were adults and made our own money and decided to start vacationing. You asked some great questions, and Leonard was always prepared with a great answer.

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