Episode 10: 13 Helpful Tips to Plan a Girlfriends Getaway

What is more fun than a girlfriends getaway with your good friends?

No trip is ever going to be 100% perfect.  Not everyone is going to be happy and there will be some compromises to keep the peace.  One thing is for sure, we all start the trip trying and going the extra mile to ensure our next girl’s trip is the best girl’s trip.

In this episode, of The Erica James Travel Show, along with a couple of my listeners, we are giving tips on how you can ensure your next girls trip is the best girls trip

Check out the 13 tips and LISTEN NOW as we go deep into the below tips:

  1. Ensure you have selected the correct person to share a room with.
  2. Consider everyone’s financial situation.
  3. Select a resort that meets everyone’s travel style and budget.
  4. Purchase travel insurance.
  5. Don’t overwhelm the group with too many options.
  6. Plan at least one day where everyone is able to do their own thing.
  7. Meet prior to the trip so that everyone can meet one another.
  8. Be inclusive when planning activities.
  9. Have a theme night.
  10. Bring a positive attitude.
  11. Create a group chat for effective communication.
  12. Establish a girl code.
  13. Schedule a farewell dinner on the last evening.

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2 thoughts on “Episode 10: 13 Helpful Tips to Plan a Girlfriends Getaway

  • Anonymous

    OMG!! I haven’t had a girls trip since 1999! You have brought memories back
    and how free we all were in our twenties!! I am the person who has always been the planner, so that’s probably why it hasn’t never happened again. Sometimes you get tired of asking your girlfriends to vacation altogether because you never get a response, so i started doing group travel which consisted of couples, single men and single women.
    Very good topic!! Keep the podcast coming!

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