Ensenada, Mexico

Erica James decided to experience one of the “fun ships” of Carnival Cruise. On October 16, 2009 Erica James departed Nashville, Tennessee to Long Beach, California where she would board Carnival Paradise.

After being dropped off at the port, Carnival Cruise Lines had a very easy, smooth, and fast check-in process. As soon as I got out of the car, I walked over to luggage tag, tagged my luggage with my room number on it. A Carnival Cruise employee put my luggage on a cart and I headed for check in.

Due to completing all my information on-line, all I had to do was sign a few papers, get my room key, and head straight to board Carnival Paradise.

On the first night, we went to the formal dinner. Excellent menu. The one thing that I love about cruises, is the ability to try and eat anything and everything that you want. I love having more than one course. I have been on Royal Caribbean cruise before and enjoyed their formal dining. I was completely thrown for a loop while dining in the formal dinning room aboard Carnival Cruise. Well it is the fun ship, right? After dinner, the music changed, the waiters stopped serving and asked at least one person from each table to join them to dance to Flo Riders’ Get Low. A rap song…during a formal dinner? It was different. I was surprised. However, I got up from my table and I joined the Carnival Staff and I danced in my cocktail dress, laughed and had a great time. It was dinner with a touch of spice! At that moment, I knew I was on the “fun ship”.

After dinner, I decided to club hop. Sounds funny saying that due to the fact that I was on a cruise ship. Well, I was able to do it. My first stop–a live band. Sat down, ordered a few cocktails and enjoyed watching people with their disco dancing. After a few minutes of sitting down, I decided to get up and join them and dance all night to the live band.

Next stop, a hip hop club with a DJ. Wow! Once I stepped into this club, I forgot that I was on a cruise ship. I thought I was in some hip city, dancing to the hottest jams, with the hottest people. It was a great! Had a great time before I called it a night.

October 17, we reached the port of Ensenada, Mexico! I departed the ship and enjoyed my day at the famous Papas & Beer Bar. And, wow, what an experience! If you are in Ensenada, Mexico you do not want to miss stopping at Papas & Beer for some hard partying and should I say…interesting fun!

Papas & Beer is a bar that that is filled with a young crowd that puts no boundaries on partying. This is a fast past fun place to enjoy a good party and a lot of good drinks. Dance on the bar and receive a free shot. Lay on the bar and take a body shot. Ask for a shot and get flipped upside down by your waiter. Papas & Beer is a favorite of Erica James. On your next cruise to Ensenada, Mexico, get of the ship and visit Papas & Beer.

October 18 was a fun day at sea aboard Carnival Paradise where I enjoyed a few shows, the casino and another fun night at dinner.

I highly recommend taking a ride in Paradise abroad Carnival Paradise.

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