Episode 14: Why Visit Jamaica

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Looking for a destination that has great beaches, amazing food and low-key vibe? How about Jamaica? That’s right, the beautiful Caribbean island is a whole vibe that you are sure to find yourself having one love for.

This episode is all about Jamaica- an ultimate guide from a trusted source of information about traveling to Jamaica. Tamara Christie – Johnson is with the Jamaica Tourist Board. Tamara is a Business Development Manager with the Jamaica Tourist Board where they promote Jamaica and work with individuals who are within the travel industry, media, festivals, and more. They spread information about traveling to Jamaica for weddings, vacations, honeymoons, and so much more.

Here’s a snippet of the information on COVID-19 pandemic travel guidelines that you’ll find at visitjamaica.com:

Jamaica is paradise with so much beauty and experiences that even Tamara doesn’t have a favorite area on the island but rather loves everything about Jamaica—-the coffee and the species are like nowhere else and you should definitely experience while there.

Tamara encourages people to keep the faith and travel for experiences and happiness while being responsible and safe!

Here’s a preview to the fun episode that’s filled with a wealth of information:

  • [5:56] Visit  visitjamaica.com for the COVID-19 pandemic travel guidelines. Here you will get all the information that you need to know the steps to take before and during your visit to Jamaica.
  • [13:06] Why it is worth it to travel to Jamaica amid the pandemic. Jamaica is one of the safest places to travel to during this COVID-19 and the beauty is incomparable. You should know that while in Jamaica, you’re in safe hands that are trained to handle tourists.
  • [16:24] Why you should travel to Jamaica. It is beautiful and the social activities are world-class and peaceful through the river and nature tours. Do not just stay in the resort, get out, and experience Jamaica!
  • [21:25] Safety in Jamaica. Jamaica is highly recommended by travelers and even celebrities so, your security is highly guaranteed.  
  • [23:14] Montego Bay is not the only area in Jamaica. There are several other areas that each have a different vibe and personality.
  • [27:43] The indigenous Jamaican ‘jerk’ chicken. The way the jerk chicken is prepared in Jamaica makes it special and traditional to the island and an array of other foods that you should make a point of trying when you visit.
  • [29:50] The Jamaican music festivals. Tamara mentions some of the annual music festivals they hold on the island, some athletic events, food festivals, and other events that you can base your vacation around.
  • [35:00] The must-see destinations in Jamaica. Learn about all the destinations and attractions in Jamaica as recommended by Tamara with Jamaica Travel Board.
  • [45:14] Club Mobay and Club Kingston. The airport lounges with a resort-like experience on arrival and/or departure. The experience that you get at the lounge saves you time to gets you through the airport with VIP treatment.

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2 thoughts on “Episode 14: Why Visit Jamaica

  • Pamela Phillips

    Jamaica is definitely on my bucketlist. From what I heard on the podcast, Jamaica is a place to visit several times because it is so much to see and do and several areas to explore. I got excited listening!! A 2 hour flight from where I live is great. Please stay on me about going to Jamaica, I feel like it has gotten missed off my travels that we have planned through you. We have been on cruises so much, we need to explore some land packages more. Thanks Tamara and Erica for all your information about Jamaica! Thanks for clearing up the safety issues regarding Jamaica as well.

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