Episode 23: My Solo Trip to Jamaica

In October 2020, I returned from a trip to Jamaica, and let me tell you something – it felt good breathing that fresh ocean air and having sand between my toes. It felt good all the way into the depths of my soul.

As much as I want to reminisce about living my best life for 5 days in Jamaica, this episode is about traveling solo, and how I ended up taking this solo trip to Jamaica. There were struggles, I had internal battles, and I had to take some steps just to get there.

[02:00] The Original Plan
A group of people made plans to go to Jamaica in September. A couple of months later, Covid-19 showed up in the US. We thought for sure it would be gone by the time the trip was supposed to happen, so we kept our plan to
go to Jamaica. Little did we know… September came around and we were still in the middle of the pandemic. We needed this vacation, so we decided we were still going to take this trip. At the time, no COVID test was required.

[03:27] The Requirements Changed
A month before going on this trip, the requirements changed –all residents of the United States required a COVID-19 test before traveling. We’re travel agents, so we scheduled our tests, and we discussed it.

I’ve been researching all the steps to go to Jamaica for my YouTube documentary therefore I was more aware of the detailed information needed to get to be approved to travel to Jamaica.

I was accepted however my friend was denied and so the drama began, at this point.

[05:04] Do I travel by myself, or do I cancel?
My friends decided to change their trip and go to Mexico instead since they didn’t need a test to get in there. I was tempted to change my trip, but then I realized that if I did that, I would’ve taken that Covid test for nothing – not to mention all that work I was putting in to the documentary. I don’t know if you’ve ever taken a Covid test. It is not pleasant. Did I go through all that just to give it up because of someone else’s mistake?

[06:23] Be the person that you want to be
I’ve been reading this book, Atomic Habits, by James Clear. This book talks about being the person that you want to be. And this is where the book comes into play—on whether or not I go to Jamaica or change my plans, pay extra money and go to Mexico.

[10:35] 3 Weeks of Work in Under 24 Hours
I would normally make most of my travel arrangements three weeks ahead of a trip. I did it in 18 hours. At this point, I still didn’t know how I was going to survive five days in Jamaica, at a resort, on my own.

[11:55] What Would EJtheTravelDiva Do?
I’m on this resort so I have a choice: Am I going to be an introvert and stay in my room by myself? Or am I going to get out there, soak up the sun, sip on some drinks at the pool, and get you all that great content? What would EJtheTravelDiva do vs what would Erica James do?

[17:38] Don’t stay in your room
If you’re on vacation on your own, get out there. Go grab a drink at the bar, catch some sun next to the pool, try to do as many of the activities that the resort has to offer, and you will surely meet new friends and have a good time.

[18:03] Return home with a sense of accomplishment
After five amazing days of solo vacation in Jamaica, I went home feeling empowered. When you feel that sense of accomplishment after successfully travelling solo, you will be forever changed. There is no better feeling than being the person you want to be.

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