Episode 24: What Travelers are Losing Due to COVID-19

Things are not the same anymore.
As travelers, there are some things that have been taken away from our experiences –some luxuries, comforts, and conveniences that would have made for a better vacation.

When I travel, it’s in comfort and safety. Since the pandemic hit, the
regulations have affected our travel experiences – and I know it’s a good thing and it is about our safety, but we’ve still lost some things along the way.

These might seem like “First World Problems”, but here are the things that I’ve noticed are no longer available to travelers.

[02:05] Flying First Class has changed
Due to COVID-19, some airlines are boarding the plane from the back to front to avoid people walking past each other, which meant First Class boarded last and alcohol is not flowing in first class either. Your options is beer and wine. Which is fine for beer & wine drinkers but I am a Jack Daniel’s girl and that option is no longer available.

[04:53] Convenience
Some resorts have removed everything from the rooms that is not essential (in their opinion). No stocked refrigerator, no room service, and if I
wanted something late at night, I had to dress up to go down to the lobby and place an order there. After a night of fun and drinking, I’m not about to put in all that effort to walk down the stairs late at night alone just for a tuna sandwich and an apple.

[11:24] 5 Tips for what I would do differently when travelling during the pandemic
I’ve had the chance to travel during the pandemic, and I came up with a list of things that I would do differently if I were to travel again.

  • [11:37] Purchase food prior to the flight: I wasn’t expecting to not get food on my flight, so next time I’ll pack some food to eat during the flight.
  • [12:04] Pack bottled water for the room
  • [13:41] Eat before the restaurants shut down
  • [14:52] Get a YETI cup for that late night cold drink. There was no ice bucket in my room, and the cup came in handy for my late night ice-cold water.
  • [16:11] Take a few drinks to the room before I turn in for the night OR by a bottle at the airport upon arrival for my room
  • [17:57] Adjust and Prepare. Even though the pandemic has taken away a few of our travel experiences, if we adjust and prepare, we can compensate for those missing pieces.

Things have changed. Whether good or bad, travelers have had to give up some things in order to continue travelling during the pandemic.
I’ve experienced them, and I’m sharing those experiences with you so that you can be prepared and adjust your travelling accordingly.

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One thought on “Episode 24: What Travelers are Losing Due to COVID-19

  • Pamela Phillips

    LMAO!! I normally eat before i get on a plane regardless. Yes, we do have to adapt accept the new policies and procedures. Trust me, i have been doing it since March at work. We couldn’t eat together or share food, and etc.
    I haven’t flown anywhere, but took a couple rode trips. Even being in the road in a car, some places that were my restroom stops are not anymore. We went to a casino for 1 night, and i thought i was at the hospital working but in a good way. You stay in your car, the employees explain the rules while taking your temp and asking you to keep your mask on or you would be escorted from the casino and casino hotel. You got a wristband that you kept on to show you had been cleared. Only 4 people on the elevator at once, the food court was take out only, and you had to sit every other slot machine for social distance. They also continously disinfected the slot machines. It was different, but we had fun! This is going to be our normal for travel.
    Please keep the travel tips and your experience coming because we all eventually will be back to traveling and need to know this information.

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