Episode 26: Spreading Positivity Around the World with Phil Calvert

In this episode, I talk to Phil “Philwaukee” Calvert. He has been traveling the world, spreading positivity one destination at a time.

We will discuss his incredible journey from playing professional basketball to traveling the world and having his own travel show on Matador Network, and his feature on the cover of Martinique Lewis’s ABC Travel Green Book.

[02:04] Introducing Phil Calvert

Phil started his travels while playing professional basketball in Europe. Traveling between countries there proved to be much easier and cheaper than back home in the US. This realization had him bitten by the travel bug, and his journey has taken him to many countries to experience their cultures and spread positivity.

[02:18] On the cover of Martinique Lewis’s ABC Travel Green Book

In episode 19, of the Erica James Travel Show, I spoke to Martinique Lewis about her ABC Travel Greenbook – and on that cover is Phil with lederhosen and red chucks in Austria.

[04:24] Phil’s travel journey

Phil didn’t grow up traveling, but his dad says his travels were inspired by the globe in the living room. Prior to his global adventures, his only memory of travel is one trip to Minnesota.

[06:00] Traveling is the best teacher

Phil’s travels have allowed him to learn about different cultures, and it can serve as a stepping stone to learn and gain perspective about the things that we normally only read about.

[07:38] How does travel make Phil feel?

Phil has broken travel down to going to experience different cultures, so he’s always excited to get out into the world. Now, in the aftermath of global lockdowns, he’s even more excited to travel.

[08:10] The moment the world shut down

When Covid started shutting down global travel, Phil was in Mumbai, India. With the large number of people in Mumbai, and a virus that’s spreading fast, he decided to go to Copenhagen, Denmark where there’s a better chance to keep the spread under control.

[13:01] Phil’s first trip

His first trip out of the country was to Mexico when he was 16 for spring break with a group of friends from school.

[14:36] Phil’s YouTube show

Matador Network saw one of his videos, and offered to sponsor his show, Phil Good Travel.

[16:44] Spreading positivity

With all the negativity around us, it’s so easy to be negative.

Phil decided to follow his grandma’s example of being positive no matter what. On his videos, you can see that he embraces people a lot when he travels – and he’s even eaten people’s food!

[19:20] The number one rule

[20:59] Experiencing racism when traveling

For the most part, Phil’s experience has been good. The exceptions being in Italy and China where the locals treat him differently based on his accent or his MBA shirt.

[25:19] Choosing where to travel

When he’s paying for it, he goes where the deals are.

When looking for experiences, Phil doesn’t mind the touristy things, but he’s there to experience the culture.

[28:14] The craziest thing Phil has eaten

Throughout his travels, he’s eaten sea urchin, sheep’s brain, fermented shark, and temple food. It’s not gross, just different.

[30:40] Traveling solo

Most of Phil’s travels are solo.

I hope this episode has inspired the aspiring travellers to take the first steps, and also the more seasoned travellers to try something different on their next trip.

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