Episode 27: The Workcation

I’m sure you’ve seen the posts on Instagram of all these digital nomads who share pictures of the amazing views where they can work as they travel. I know you’ve imagined that being your life, and so have I.

I’ve always wanted to travel the world and work from anywhere, but I want to travel with certain luxuries and amenities, and I simply don’t have the funds to do that while working from anywhere in the world. I too have a 9-to-5 in an office.

A workcation is when you work while in a vacation destination.

For my workcation, I stayed at the Royalton Negril in Jamaica. They offered an “Upgrade Your Office” package. What’s the catch? I had to stay for a minimum of 14 nights. I thought I could try it out and live my dream of working from this incredible location. For this trip, I went with a travel agent friend of mine.

As I record this episode, I’m living the life doing a workcation again in Cabo, Mexico, all by myself.

Today, I’m going to share what I’ve learnt and give you some tips and tricks to have a successful workcation.

[07:32] You must be disciplined.

This is the most important one of all the tips. Without this, you’re not going to have a successful workcation.

[09:51] Arrive at your destination on a Friday.

If this isn’t possible, at least arrive on a Saturday.

Most workweeks start on Mondays, so if you can get there on a Friday or Saturday, you can have some time to enjoy the destination, and even set up your workstation ahead of time.

[12:01] Bring your office needs to the destination.

If you don’t have something that you need, you’re not focusing completely on your work and you won’t be productive.

[13:56] Set your schedule with others you’re traveling with.

It’s easier to travel with someone who is also working than someone who isn’t.

But all hope isn’t lost if you do end up traveling with someone who isn’t working. Just establish your schedule and expectations upfront.

[15:46] Don’t stay in your room all the time.

Even if your job requires you to be logged in throughout your work hours, take some time to leave the room for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and a walk.

[17:51] Find other places to work.

This allows you to also experience the destination while you’re working.

I know the pandemic has been difficult for so many people. But, thanks to still having a 9-to-5 job who has allowed us to work remotely, I’ve been able to fulfil a dream of mine. If you ever have this opportunity, I can strongly recommend at least trying the workcation concept.

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