Episode 55: I’m Back! Hideaway at Royalton Negril

Hideaway at Royalton Negril

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For this episode, I am going to be telling you about my experience staying at The Hideaway at Royalton Negril in Jamaica.

The previous time I stayed in Jamaica, I spent 2 weeks at the Royalton Negril. Both the Royalton Negril and the Hideaway are on the same property, but are separate resorts – the Hideaway is the adult-only side of the property.

Today, I’ll be giving you my tips, tricks, and suggestions for when you decide to take a vacation to Negril, Jamaica.

Here we go:

[01:31] A real vacation.

I spent a week in Negril, Jamaica.

Unlike my other vacations, I didn’t take my work along with me, so I spent the week having a real vacation.

I also traveled with my best friend, her husband, her daughter, and her daughter’s boyfriend. Having people with me while I took this time off was refreshing.

[02:55] Travel time.

From the Montego Bay airport, you’ll be driving around 30 miles to get to Negril. This seems like it’s not too far, but on Jamaican roads, that’s about an hour’s drive.

If you’re not into driving for a long time to get to your destination, you can choose to stay in Montego Bay, but in order to have a more authentic experience, you’re going to have to get out of your comfort zone – and maybe even drive for an hour to get there.

[04:05] Royalton Negril.

Royalton Negril and The Hideaway at Royalton Negril are considered two separate resorts on the same property.

Both are all-inclusive resorts, unlimited meals, snacks, and drinks, free wifi, daily activity, in-room mini bars, 24/7 room service, and reservation-free specialty restaurants. There’s a buffet, a steakhouse, an Italian restaurant, a Mexican restaurant, hibachi grill, and a sports bar.

The Royalton Negril is open to everyone, and the Hideaway is adult-only (18+).

[06:01] The Hideaway at Royalton Negril.

As mentioned earlier, the Hideaway is adult-only.

It has a separate check-in, its own pool, a swim-up bar, 2 restaurants, and a tiny man-made beach.

It also offers Diamond Club status.

[07:30] The Royalton.

The Royalton Negril is open to anyone.

This side of the resort offers 8 restaurants, 8 bars, a gym, a spa, a pool, a kids’ pool, Diamond Club Status, a kids’ club, and a teen hangout.

If you’re staying at the Hideaway, you would need to go to the Royalton side to get to all the entertainment on offer.

[07:49] The Diamond Club.

For Diamon Club members, you can enjoy an exclusive beach area, a dedicated bar and restaurant, access to the Diamond Club Lounge, private check-in, robes and slippers in your room, and butler service.

[08:06] Is Hideaway fully adult-only?

The Hideaway side is adult-only, but entertainment is on the Royalton side, which isn’t adult-only.

If you’re there for a fully adult-only stay, you’re not going to have that experience if you want to experience the entertainment that is on offer.

[09:49] The Hideaway vs The Royalton.

In October 2020, I stayed at the Royalton Negril. This stay was mellow and less of a turn-up vacation experience.

In June of 2021, I stayed at the Hideaway at Royalton Negril.

The stays were completely different. It may have been due to Covid that the stays were so very different – who knows?

My July 2021 stay was way more turnt up. There was a White Knight Party, a Michael Jackson show, a Bob Marley show, live music, karaoke, foam pool parties, a silent disco, lit after-parties, and the most turnt up beach party of my life.

[16:03] Watch out.

If you decide to stay at the Royalton side as a Diamond Club member, you can be rest assured you’re going to have a dedicated check-in, access to the Diamond Club lounge, separate pool, beach area, swim-up bar, and food grill.

On the Hideaway side, there is a small Diamond Club Lounge. There isn’t, however, a separate Diamond Club pool, beach area, or bar.

If you want a Diamond Club-only pool, restaurant and grill, or beach area, you’ll have to go over to the Royalton side.

[18:33] Activities.

During my latest visit, I went ATV riding with Jam West.

During my 2020 stay, however, I booked activities with Chukka, and I would definitely recommend them for those looking to do ATVs, horse riding, and other fun activities.

I took a tour to the Blue Hole Mineral Spring. This isn’t the Blue Hole Tour that everybody thinks about. During this excursion, we toured and learned about a marijuana farm, took a swim in freezing cold mineral water, and had a full-body mineral massage.

I got some great authentic Jamaican food at the Sips & Bites Restaurant, and got to spend some time in the streets of Jamaica – of course I visited Rick’s Cafe. One of my favourite places was the Pelican Lookout, not to be confused with the famous Pelican Bar.

[23:28] Get out in the streets.

Whenever you go on a vacation and stay at a resort, get out into the streets and experience the destination outside of the resort. Spend some time in local restaurants, with the local people, and have a more authentic experience than you would if you never left the resort.

If you’re looking for a place to stay, I definitely recommend both sides of the resort – I would love to go back, but I’m going to try to stay at different places so that I can experience as many different places as possible.

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