Episode 86: I Stayed There: Impressive Premium Resort

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Since the last episode, I’ve been staying at various resorts so that I can give you suggestions, advice, and insight into staying at these resorts during your travels. Even though some resorts invite me to stay there, I will always be keeping it real for my clients, so you will hear the good, the bad, and the ugly.

In this episode, I’ll be talking about my stay at Impressive Premium Resort, Punta Cana.

Let’s go:

[01:52] A Premium 5 Star Resort?

The Impressive Resorts have two sides – Impressive Punta Cana, and Impressive Premium Punta Cana.

The Premium side of the resort boasts a Premium 5 Star Resort. In my professional and personal opinion, it’s a really good 3-star resort.

It’s around 20 minutes from the Punta Cana airport.

[02:34] A good time off the resort.

Just off the resort, you will find a good time in the streets, with plenty great dive bars and restaurants to choose from.

You don’t even need to take a taxi. You can simply walk out of the resort and into the streets with no problem.

[03:54] Resort chain standards.

Before Impressive Resorts took over the property, it was Sunscape Dominican Beach.

In my opinion, the standards are always best when a resort chain builds from the ground up rather than taking over from another resort chain.

[04:41] Who is this resort for?

This resort is for you if you’re on a budget, not an experienced alcohol drinker, and you prefer mixed drinks.

[05:19] Liquor.

Liquor is a big factor in my decision to stay at an all-inclusive resort.

If the resort is all-inclusive and they don’t serve Jack Daniels, you best know I’m not going to be staying there.

Not only did this resort not have any Jack Daniels, they didn’t have any familiar liquor brands. I consider Jack Daniels to be a premium liquor, unlike the people on TikTok.

I do usually buy a bottle of Jack Daniels at the airport when I arrive at destinations, but that’s only so that I don’t have to pay $100 a bottle at the resort, but it would defeat the purpose if you had your own bottle at an all-inclusive resort.

[07:50] If you’ve never been to an all-inclusive resort.

If it’s your first time, you probably wouldn’t have a problem with staying here, because you don’t have any reference for what you’re missing. Those who are experienced all-inclusive travelers will definitely notice the missing things that they’re accustomed to when staying at all-inclusive resorts.

[08:25] All-inclusive on a budget.

If you’re on a tight budget and you still want to have the all-inclusive resort experience, this is a great option.

[09:23] The vibe.

The vibe around the resort seemed to be that of relaxation and chilling. This is not the resort where you’ll be turning up all night every night.

[10:25] The beach.

I spent my stay lounging on the beach, enjoying the sand, and escaping reality. There’s a bar hut on the beach where you can get your drinks, but I didn’t notice anyone from the bar walking around the beach taking drinks orders.

There is a pool, but I didn’t go there because it just didn’t look clean.

[12:21] The rooms.

The room was great, besides the fact that I didn’t have a view – which isn’t really a complaint considering I was staying there for free.

I stayed in a Junior Suite Garden View room.

The bathroom featured a walk-in shower with double shower heads. There’s a mini-fridge which was stocked daily. Anything you would need in your room, you had in the room.

The rooms were by far the greatest feature of the resort.

[14:19] The Property.

On the Premium side of the property, you will find a private lounge where you can enjoy the hot and cold snacks that are provided all day, every day. These snacks were so good, and it helps that the lounge was located near my room.

There’s a spa on the property, where I got a massage that kept being interrupted by someone who walked in and out all the time.

If you’re into gambling, there is a casino.

There’s a stage where you can enjoy some nightly entertainment, and there’s a night club.

[17:50] The Dining Experience.

Visiting resorts as a travel agent, they present you with the best that the resort has to offer, so you don’t really get an authentic experience of the dining.

I chose to only have breakfast at the restaurant.

All the food I had at this resort was amazing – from the snacks, the pizza, and even the specialty restaurants, all the food is good.

[19:39] Would I go back?

If I was to book clients into this resort, I would give them a disclaimer that it’s budget-friendly and warn them about the alcohol situation.

However, if I was solo travelling with my own bottle of Jack Daniels, I would definitely stay at this resort, especially for the vibe outside the resort.

I hope this episode has given you the insights that you might need to make your decision around whether or not you want the experience of staying at the Impressive Premium Resort, Punta Cana.

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