Episode 4: Benefits of using a Travel Agent

Have you ever experienced net lag or scroll fatigue?

Maybe you think you haven’t? But you probably have! This is where you spend countless hours searching the internet for information to assist you when planning your next vacation. Research from hotels.com shows that travelers are spending countless hours researching their vacation which they find extremely stressful.

Why then should you spend so much time researching when you could have your travel agent do it for you?

Really? YES! Let your travel agent do the work for you.

I have compiled six reasons why you should use a travel agent because I care for you.

And here they are:

  • [2:57] You are not alone. Guess what?! The internet doesn’t care about you! Bummer! But the good news is; your travel agent does and will be there for you. If anything goes wrong with your vacation, they will be there to assist you. The COVID-19 pandemic has been a great teacher on this one.
  •  [4:38] It can save you money. We have access to the best deals and promotions, which means you can get them too. EXCITING, isn’t it? There also special perks and benefits that can make your experience better! We want you to be happy and to have the best time.
  • [5:20] We’ll save you money. We can put a package deal for you in no time. Something you’d spend hours researching, we have it at our fingertips. We give you what is best for you.
  • [6:05] We give you trustworthy reviews. Online reviews CANNOT be trusted! But travel agents spend time and training in destinations to make the best recommendations. I have spent days at a destination in order to give my clients an honest review.
  • [8:18] We are the expert. We have 1st hand knowledge and advice on how to travel well and smart to enhance your experience!
  • [9:18] The personal relationship. You are guaranteed to speak with a live person every time you call a travel agent. This cannot be compared to other websites that you can book from the internet.

I am passionate about travel and my goal is to inspire my clients to feel the same way too!

I want the relationship between me and my client’s to be personalized.

Trust your travel agent with your vacation and make it even more enjoyable!

So, in your NEXT VACATION, give a travel agent a chance and begin your vacation planning process.


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