Episode 3: Steps New Travelers Should Do

Can you believe I started traveling 12 years ago?

I can’t believe it’s been that long and how much I’ve learned since.

Some of these things I wish I knew back when I started my travel journey but that’s okay because YOU don’t have to learn the hard way.

In the show today, I give tips on how you can prepare for travel as a first-time traveler.

What’s even more fun? It’s firsthand information with my firsthand examples and experiences!

These include:

How you can travel for free. Yes, FREE!

Why during the Coronavirus is the best time to apply for your passport

How you can avoid airport security stress.

How you can have a vacation that suits you and someone to help you when you have problems.

The world is fast-changing and many people including yourself, want to travel. Especially now that we have been locked up for so long. But DON’T do it blindly! That’s why I have compiled my best tips for first-time travelers.

Listen in to these fun and educational tips! Here’s a preview of the episode:

  • [2:00] Have a travel budget. This helps you plan, cut down on stress, and keep you away from travel debt.
  • [2:29] Apply for a passport. This a good way to stay ready so as not to block your blessings. I’ll explain why it is of your benefit to apply for a passport during the Coronavirus.
  • [4:04] Signup for both airline and hotel loyalty programs. It is good to get started with the basics first, which consists of signing up with frequent flyer programs and hotel loyalty points. I’ll explain how this works so you can eventually travel for free.
  • [6:22] Consider TSA precheck. It might be an additional cost but helps you avoid all the hustle and bustle of airport security.
  • [7:58] Purchase a good set of luggage. I struggled with this myself, but its good to know what you like and suits you especially as a first-time traveler.
  • [10:30] Find a good travel agent. A good travel agent helps you when you’re in trouble during vacation and can even guide you through the best vacation that suits you.

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