Episode 5: Would you Episode Take a BAEcation with Someone you are NOT in a Relationship with?

Well, that is a question that came up in one of my Facebook travel groups.

To you, it might be a YES or NO answer, but some people might find it difficult to answer.

That is why I invited two of my girls- Ingrid and Tamara so we can discuss this topic further. They both have two different views with Ingrid saying NO she would not go on a BAEcation with someone she’s not in a relationship with and Tamara saying YES to the same.

A BAEcation is a situation where lovers travel together for a vacation.

Tamara believes she’s fun and feels she could go on a vacation with someone she’s not in a relationship with. She says the best way to do it is to set your expectations and be okay with the other person wanting to do different things than you do.

Ingrid on the other hand is against the set up since she believes you need to have some sort of attachment to someone to even consider going on a trip together.

The best way, however, when you decide to go on a BAEcation, is to keep the following in mind:

You should be compatible, in some way, with this person.

Set the expectations prior to departing for your trip.

Know your relationship with the other person before hopping on that plane.

Clearly define why you are going on the trip together.

Ask before posting pictures on social media.

Know your lane.

Always keep in mind that vacations regardless of whom you’re traveling with can make or break a relationship. It is important to be comfortable when making the decision to go to a BAEcation with someone who you don’t know very well.

My girls and I agree that boundaries should be put in place when it comes to posting on social media as a way to protect yourself from unmet expectations during these BAEcations.

Have you ever thought of guarding what is important in your private life? The best relationships and people who lead their best lives are the ones that protect what is important in their lives.

Below is just a preview of the full meaningful conversation that we had. I guarantee you’ll learn so much as you have fun:

[4:11] Ingrid has a fear of going on a BAEcation due to a friend’s bad past experience. But she feels if its someone she has great chemistry with, then maybe she might consider it but wouldn’t call it a BAEcation.

[9:06] The conversation you should have before getting on that plane or ship. State those expectations upfront- that communication is very important. 

[27:52] What qualifies you to go on a BAEcation with that certain person. The reasons why you would want to do it. And the type of person they are.

[37:40] Posting on social media especially when the BAEcation partner paid for the trip. It is okay to have that social media posting conversation- asking for permission as a form of respect for the other person.

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