Just recently, in March 2020, I took a weekend trip to New York City to attend a conference called the Women’s Travel Fest. Leading up to this weekend were reports of the first confirmed Coronavirus cases in the United States. I had several reasons not to attend – Coronavirus was just beginning to spread, I had never attended this conference before, I didn’t know anyone else attending, and I had no one in my inner circle that would be interested in this event.  I kept going back and forth on whether I would go or not.  Finally, I told myself if I can use my travel points for a free weekend in New York, then I should attend. 

Everything worked out well with redeeming my travel points, and I could not find any other reason not to travel – other than fear. Fear of the unknown, fear of attending the conference by myself, and fear of just being in New York City during this time of uncertainty almost kept me from experiencing a weekend that was full of inspirational stories, powerful journeys, and interpersonal triumph.

My trip was an important reminder: Don’t allow fear to hold you back from your real life.  This life is your only one – it is not a practice run, and you only get one shot at doing what you want to do.  If you allow fear to hold you back, it would be very difficult to accomplish your dreams and goals.  The Women’s Travel Fest provided me with so much inspiration and fuel to light a fire under my creativity, ideas, goals, and dreams.  I would not have received what God wanted me to if I had allowed fear to hold me back from attending the conference.

I will admit, I am often scared to do things and go places, but I decide to do them anyway. Three key examples come to mind:

Dubai: It took me almost two weeks to make a deposit on the trip.  Then I could not believe that I was actually going to travel to Dubai!  It would be the farthest that I had ever traveled before.  It seemed so far out of my mental capacity, but I did it. 

Solo Cruising: I was doubtful that I could make it the entire week by myself without feeling bored or depressed because I was alone.  However, I took that cruise by myself, and not only did I meet new friends, but I also had a great time! 

Women’s Travel Fest Conference: I was trying to find excuses not to go, and I would have missed out on the intangible gifts that set my soul on fire and gave me even more motivation to work toward my goals and dreams. 

What I’m trying to say is, there were so many times I was afraid to try something new, but I did it anyway, and it always turned out great. So, it is time to take back what fear has stolen from you!  How many times have you not done something because of fear?  How many times have you not traveled because of fear?  How many things have passed you by because of fear?  We all have to stop allowing fear to rob us of the many blessings that have our names on them.  Reach out and grab what is meant for you.

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