Reasons to Choose a Balcony Stateroom on a Cruise

My goal, as a travel agent is not only to inspire people to travel, but to also help people to travel well and be smart travelers, and to book their vacations based on what they want to experience and not cost. 

When it comes to cruising, my goal is to encourage people to select a balcony stateroom, or higher, on a cruise rather than any other room.  It is my pet peeve when travelers recite the cliché statement, “I am not going to be in the room that much anyway.  I don’t need to pay for that type of room.”

If you had that type of room, you would enjoy it while you were in it.  I don’t think anyone would be disappointed with booking a balcony stateroom or higher when on a cruise ship. 

The most important reason to book a balcony stateroom is that you should book a room based on what you will experience, in that room, rather than what you are paying for the room.   That’s first.  There are numerous other reasons, in my opinion, and I want to share my reasons with you.

  • The view of the ocean.  Looking out and seeing the amazing sunset, sunrise, and the beautiful sky as it meets the ocean is reason enough to book a balcony.  There is nothing like sitting on your balcony as you sail down the ocean and take in the amazing view.
  • The sounds of the ocean. Although it might not be recommended, however, there is something to say about sleeping with your balcony door open and falling asleep to the sounds of the ocean waves singing you to sleep while the cool breeze from the ocean gently brushes across your skin.  Such an amazing sleeping experience.
  • Room Service is better on the balcony. What better way to start the morning, than ordering room service and having your breakfast on your balcony with a magnificent view?  Or even just having a cup of coffee on your balcony, in the morning, reflecting on your blessing and the day ahead of you.
  • Nighttime Cocktails.  Coming back to your room, at night, sitting on the balcony and having a glass of wine or a cocktail as you listen to the ocean play it’s version of music and, again, feeling the breeze is such a wonderful experience to have in the comfort of your own room.
  • Port side entertainment. Waking up in the morning when you are arriving into port is a sight to see.  With a balcony stateroom, you do not have to rush, put on clothes, fix yourself up to get to a floor on the cruise ship to watch as the ship pulls into port.  You can just wake up, step out onto your balcony and take in the amazing view of the destination as you pull into port.  Also….on the flip side…. when it is time to leave, it is always fun to sit on the balcony and watch the guest running to the ship trying to get on at the last minute.  Hilarious.
  • Space.  Besides what you can experience on your balcony, a balcony stateroom is generally bigger than other staterooms and come with a couch/sitting area. You have more room than a interior or an ocean view.
  • Inspiration.  A balcony is a beautiful place to read and write a blog if you are working and sailing.  The natural calmness of the ocean does wonders for the creative mind and spirit.
  • Selfies.  There is always a good breeze on the balcony and makes for a good selfie picture when your hair is blowing.

Don’t fool yourself thinking you are not going to be in your room enough to justify spending money on a balcony stateroom.  The experience of a balcony stateroom far out ways the financials.  If money is the issue, prepare your vacation planning far in advance to ensure that you have enough time to get the type of room that you truly want, as well as work with your travel agent when the prices drop to continue to take advantage of promotions and opportunity to upgrade.  I guarantee that once you experience a balcony stateroom, you will not want to go backwards.

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