My Stay: Reflect Krystal Grand Los Cabos Review

Reflect Krystal Grand Los Cabos

I was on a business trip in Cabo San Lucas and Reflect Krystal Grand Los Cabos was the host hotel for my 3 days of stay.  Located about 20 minutes from the Los Cabos International Airport, the resort sits directly on the beach with stunning views of the ocean.

Reflect Krystal Grand is not an adult-only resort and open to all travelers and includes a kids club for the little ones, as well as it is all-inclusive.

I stayed 3 days at this resort, and it was an interesting stay.  Here is my review on my stay and the resort.

Hotel Check-in

As soon as my transportation pulled into the entry way of the resort, I was already feeling some type of way about the resort. The first impression was not favorable. There was no one waiting to greet me with a drink and a cold towel, like most of the resorts that I normally stay. The lobby was filled with people waiting to check out and people waiting to check in.

Reflect Krystal Grand Los Cabos

It took me almost 30 minutes to check in, as I just stood in the line waiting my turn while 2 people helped 1 person. I finally checked in and my room was not ready. Which is understandable since I did arrive in Cabo around 11am and most rooms are not ready until around 3pm. However, it was a big deal that it was not ready because I was already irritated by the presentation and the wait, so I really wanted to get to my room and unload the bad feelings that had crept up inside of my spirit. I needed an escape to download the negativity and start over.

I ended up falling asleep in a chair, in the lobby from an exhausting day of travel.

Finally, at 2:45pm, I decided to try my luck at the front desk and see if my room was ready. It was.

I get my room key and grab my bags and make my way to the room. 

Room Accommodations

I stayed in a Sea View King Size Jr Suite that had the most amazing view of the Pacific Ocean.  I lived every day for this view.  I was located on the top floor therefore sitting on the balcony of my Jr Suite provided a picturesque view that vacations are made of.

My room was spacious with a sofa bed, dining table and chairs, king size bed and a minibar.  The room consisted of the bar minimum.  It was only 3 days so I figured I can handle it.

Look for yourself from my YouTube Channel.

I noticed during my stay that Swim Up Jr Suite rooms where available on this resort.  I do not have to tell you all, again, that this is my favorite type of room and if you stay at a resort that offers the, always select a swim up type of room.

The resort also offered an upgrade area of for room accommodations called the Altitude Club.  The Altitude Club offered a lounge area that provided snacks and beverages throughout the day for guest in the upgraded quarters.


During my time waiting to check in, I visited Restaurant O, the buffet on property that is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  There was hardly any food inside the buffet to select from.  The options were slim.  I struggled to find something pleasing to eat, but I did and survived my first meal on the resort.

My first night at the resort, I ate dinner at Ayami, an Asian cuisine restaurant that had a Teppanyaki tables with an incredibly fun and creative show in addition to amazing food.  A huge improvement from the lunch buffet. 

The next morning, I headed for the breakfast buffet before I left the resort for the day. The breakfast buffet area was closed and moved to the ballroom for some odd reason.

I went around to every station, every table and did not find any food that I deemed edible. 

  • There was no bacon! The horror!
  • The eggs where white! Why in the world would eggs be white? 
  • There were things on the breakfast buffet like Chicken Broth, Beef & Veggies, Enchiladas, Cereal, Yogurt——nothing that matched. 
Reflect Krystal Grand Los Cabos

I ended up eating a croissant and a sausage link. 

They were pouring water out of a large jug. So weird. Never found out what happened to the real buffet area nor was it ever opened during my stay.

Reflect Krystal Grand Los Cabos

The resort consisted of 9 restaurants. They had:

  • The Ayami, the Asian Restaurant
  • The Grill which had a variety of food. The quesadillas were delicious. 
  • They had an Italian Restaurant called Risotto. 
  • Hacienda El Mortero that offered Mexican cuisine.
  • Surfos Snack Bar that was located by the pool that offered your typical snack food like pizza, burgers, and fries throughout the day.  
  • There was a cute little café that offered coffee and snacks called Take a Bite.
  • Martini & Tapas Bar
  • Oasis Bar
  • Sky Lounge
  • Time Out Bar that was the night club on property that had karaoke, sports, and fun.

I ordered room service one night, a burger, fries, and a bottle of wine.  The burger was some type of soy-like burger that was awful.  I was told that I had to pay cash for my bottle of wine, which I thought it was strange, but I chalked that up to the reason could have been that I did not have a credit card on file.  I never ordered room service again.

Other Services

The Resort had 2 pools, an adult only pool and 2 pools open to everyone.  There was a swim up bar located in the adult only pool.

The resort also offered spa services and activities for kids of all ages.

I spent time on the beach, which was very relaxing and calming. The adult only pool was genuinely nice with the swim up bar.

The landscaping, the pools and the outdoor areas of the resort were acceptable, and you cannot beat the view of the beach and ocean from this resort.  It offered stunning views.

In all honestly, I believe I complained about the Reflect Krystal Grand Los Cabos as soon the driver pulled up to the resort and for the next 2 days because it was different and not on the same lines of a resort that I am used to staying. 

However, I do have to admit that by the end of my stay, I did say, to myself, “It really wasn’t that bad”.  That is hilarious.  I eventually warmed up to the resort and felt I was being extremely hard on the resort.

Now would I select this resort to stay again?  Most likely not unless the stay was free.  However, I believe it is the right resort for someone other than me.  It has a lot of great qualities and would be an acceptable resort for many travelers out there.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can you swim in the ocean at Reflect Krystal Grand Los Cabos?
A: Unfortunately, this resort is not located on a swimmable beach.

Q: Does Reflect Krystal Grand have a restaurant?
A: Yes, they have several restaurants from Asian cuisine, to Mexican, Italian and American Food.

Q: How close is Reflect Krystal Grand from the SJD Airport?
A: It is about 20 – 25 minutes from the airport.

Q: Does this resort have a spa?
A: Yes, it has a spa

Q: Does Reflect Krystal Grand Los Cabos offer free breakfast?
A: Yes, it is an all-inclusive resort. All meals are included in your vacation.

Q: What time is check-in at Reflect Krystal Grand Los cabos?
A: Check-in is at 3:00pm. Don’t count on your room being ready early. Mentally prepare that it might not be. I am speaking on experience.

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