Sandals Royal Bahamian

Looking for Luxury at it’s finest?
If you are looking for luxury, relaxation, and a vacation that will wow you, Sandals Royal Bahamian is the vacation for you! I use the word, vacation, lightly because to me, it was more of an experience than a vacation.

I walked into the hotel and was greeted with a warm smile, class, and a glass of champagne–first class check in. I was already impressed before I got to my room. I did not have to worry about any luggage. My bags were in my room by the time I reached my room. It took me sometime to get to my room because I had to stop and take in the view.

The view was even better from my room, as I opened my door to my balcony to see the sand and the beach. I was in heaven.

It is very hard for me to express my experience at Sandals because it was luxury from beginning to end. The landscaping was beautiful, the decor was fabulous, the staff was friendly, the entertainment was enjoyable, and the service was outstanding.

There is nothing like All Inclusive resorts! I enjoyed going to the many different restaurants that were on-site. The food was delicious. Anything and everything that you can imagine eating, they had.

I enjoyed the pub and it’s karaoke. I went next door to an outdoor seating of some very smooth romantic music. After sometime outside, I decided to walk to the next building where there was a live band that was simply awesome. I took a small boat to a private island and had the best time with food, drinks, and entertainment. I danced for hours on this private island. It was great!

I cannot say enough good things about Sandals. But I will say, do not make any other vacation plans until you visit Sandals first. And since I am a Certified Sandals Specialist, allow me to help you with your next experience.

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