Savannah, GA: Southern Charm

As I was making way down south for a travel seminar, I decided to take one day and stop in Savannah, Georgia to get a sample of a city that I have heard so much about. I thought to myself, I will look around, pick a hotel, get a feel for the city to see if this is a destination worth learning about for my clients. As I am always striving to be an expert on many destinations so that I can provide great recommendations for all of my clients.

My mother frequently visited Savannah and would tell me how much she loved the city and how it seemed as if there was a park on every corner. This September, I made a stop in a city that was listed in the top 10 city destinations in the U.S. This southern city had all the charm needed to sweep me off my feet. My only disappointment was, I was passing through for one night.
Although I was there for one night, I developed a slight crush on this southern destination that charmed me and swept me off my feet in just one night. Here’s a couple of reason’s way:
Savannah’s Historic District is the central location for several hotels, Bed & Breakfast’s and some cozy restaurants and shopping. I stayed at Springhill Suites by Marriott on Montgomery Street. The outer appearance was very historic, much like all the buildings surrounding this southern gem. However, the inside lobby was the opposite of the historic outer shell. It had a completely modern design that stopped me in my tracks because it was a pleasant surprise.

Light-colored hardwood floors with matching wood tables and turquoise furniture and curtains. I have been to a lot of Springhill Suites and I will have to say that the decor of the lobby was by far the most impressive that I have seen to date.


I quickly checked in and could not wait to see what the rooms of this hotel had to offer. If the lobby impressed me, then I was sure the rooms would not disappoint.


I entered my room and again was hit with the “wow” factor. The room had the same modern decor as the hotel’s lobby. Don’t get me wrong, I have been in a lot of nice hotels, however, this Springhill Suites was unlike any other Springhill Suites that I had been to. And the best part was….the price was outstanding! I believe that is what really shocked me. I looked at my nightly room night and then I looked at the room and that was the reason for the “wow” factor. The price was excellent, the hotel was fabulous, there was free breakfast, and it was in walking distance to great shopping like the Marc Jacobs Store, there was a park, and some great restaurants.


From my hotel, I was able to walk to Belford’s Seafood and Steaks. At first glance, this restaurant had exactly what I was looking for—outside seating. It was a beautiful night in Savannah, as well as, this city had beautiful views and I wanted to enjoy it by dining outside and Belford’s allowed me to do just that. The view was great, the service was great, the menu was great and the price was great. However, I have to mention that Belford’s had some of the best collard greens that I have ever had in my life–no offense to my Grandmother! If you like collard greens, please make sure you order them on your next visit to Belford’s.


The next day, after I checked out of my hotel, I stopped by a pub called Molly MacPherson’s on W. Congress Street. This was a great little put with a lot of character. I found myself looking around the entire time I was there. I wanted to read and study everything that was on the walls, see all their interesting pictures and just soak up the feeling of being in a real Scottish feeling pub that was located in the south. I ordered the fish and chips and it was great. The price was reasonable and I enjoyed myself.


I left Savannah, Georgia after my lunch. I was smitten with this city and my first date with Savannah was enough to warm my heart and make me want to see more of this city.


If you are considering a unique getaway, consider visiting Savannah, Georgia for your next trip. It will not disappoint. Please contact me to inquire about the great rates at Springhill Suites by Marriott, suggested tours, great restaurants, and other suggestions via e-mail at [email protected] or phone (615) 405-2167.

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