Solo Cruising Day 4: Thrills and Chills

My morning started at around 1:30 a.m. when I awakened realizing that I had dozed off last night with the TV on.  Yes, I went to bed early, I had eaten too much the night before, remember?
Anyway, I ended up watching two good movies that I would have normally avoided because I am not a fan of Nicole Kidman.  I find her to be boring and she seems to select the worse movies.  But I am getting away from the point.  So….I watch M. Night Shyamalan called “Split” and another movie called “Lion”.  By this time, it was 5 a.m.  I turned the TV off so there would be no change of getting caught up in another movie.
Then I found myself waking up again to the sounds of cruisers getting off the ship at 9 a.m. Not me, I planned to stay on the ship to enjoy the water slides with less kids.
When I finally arose from bed, I showered and headed to the balcony for my morning ritual of the natural air-drying session.  After drying off, I put on my swimsuit and cover up and headed to breakfast and then the pool where I found myself a seat by the pool.
It was a truly amazing day, on day 4.  The sun was finally out but it was not too hot.  With my seat by the pool, I dove into a new book, today, because I couldn’t get into the one I spent three days trying to capture some interest.  So, I switched it up and it was a good call because that book grabbed my attention immediately and took it away from the people watching and judgement.

Once the water slide opened, I climbed to the top of the stairs just to race down from action packaged thrill.  I love excitement and I will try anything when I am on vacation.  I was not going to cruise on this ship with two major water slides and not partake.  That is just not in my nature.
After the thrill, I headed to the pool to chill in the water because I was getting a little hot and needed to cool down.  After cooling down, I headed back to my lounge chair where I tried to read but sleep took over me and I allowed it.

When I woke up, the pool area was very crowded.  It was time for me to leave, anyway, because I had a spa appointment for a facial and massage.  After I left the spa, I sighed and realized that the spa truly put a stamp on what vacation is all about—-relaxation.

After the spa, I headed to my room to change for the solo cruisers mixer but was distracted by the vision of the world outside my balcony.  So instead, I fixed a drink, sat on the balcony and enjoyed the sunset.  After all, it was only day four, there will be other mixers because at that moment, what was important to me what to enjoy the beautiful planet and God’s work.  I thought to myself, “I see why God said, ‘Well done.”  He has a lot to be proud of.

What I learned on this day was a day filled with thrills and relaxation says a lot about my personality—I am a person that can be wild and mild and that’s a good balance.

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