Swimming with Dolphins

People who know me, know that I am a very adventurous person. When I vacation, I like to do things outside of the box, things I’ve never done before, and things that make me say, “Wow!”

I cruised with Royal Caribbean in November 2010 and one of the ports was Cozumel, Mexico. Although I have visited Cozumel before, I decided to try a different experience…..and I left saying, “Wow!”
Before leaving for my cruise, I booked my shore excursion call Swim with Dolphins Experience. This was something that I always wanted to do, I had the opportunity and I was not going to miss it.
Once the cruise ship docked, I hoped in a cab and went to my WOW experience. Before getting in the water, I met with an instructor to learn hand signals. Since Dolphins cannot hear voices, I had to learn sign language for Dolphins. After receiving my instructions, I head to the water to meet Luis, the dolphin, and put my sign language into action.
First step, putting my arms out and letting Luis swim up and lay in my arms so that I can give him a hug. He swam around and laid his slippery, rubbery body right in my arms. It was amazing!
Next, I swam out into the ocean with a boogie board and waited for Luis to join me. He came from behind me and put his hard nose on the bottom of my foot and pushed me down the ocean on the boogie board. It was the best feeling ever!
After that fun, I swam back out to the ocean and again waited for Luis to join me. And again, he joined me. However, this time, I gave him the signal that I wanted to ride with him, not the boogie board. He swam up next to me, I grabbed onto his fins and I rode, at a fast speed, down the ocean on Luis belly. Now that made me say “WOW!”
After playing in the water with Luis, I held my hand up for him to jump out of the water and touch my hand. I knew my hand signals, so Luis followed my cue. He also came up to me, I grabbed his fins and we danced a little jig.
We had so much fun together, Luis and I ended our play date with a little kiss on the cheek. I was so smitten.
I am reliving that fun time, as I type. It was an adventure that made my entire trip worth taking. My Dolphin experience is what vacations are all about. I encourage everyone to step outside the box and do something, on vacation, that will make you say, “Wow!”
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