Episode 11:  Travel Talk with SARAH Greaves-Gabbadon

Episode 11: Travel Talk with SARAH Greaves-Gabbadon

[podcast_subscribe id="715"] In this episode 11, I am talking to the self-described "Carivangelist" Sarah Greaves-Gabbadon, better known as JetSetSarah. Sarah will share just how much the Caribbean Islands have to offer and why she loves it so much. Sarah Greaves-Gabbadon has been featured on Forbes as one of the 15 Black Travel Writers To Read Now. She has a background in travel and tourism and is a self-described Carivangelist meaning she wants to spread the gospel and diversity of the Caribbean.  Her travels were only family-related as a child going back and forth between Jamaica, Barbados, and England which is why she’s passionate about the Caribbean. JetSetSarah has all the wealth of information that you need for your future travel plans to the Caribbean while keeping safe from COVID-19. Here’s…
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