Episode 11: Travel Talk with SARAH Greaves-Gabbadon

In this episode 11, I am talking to the self-described “Carivangelist” Sarah Greaves-Gabbadon, better known as JetSetSarah. Sarah will share just how much the Caribbean Islands have to offer and why she loves it so much.

Sarah Greaves-Gabbadon has been featured on Forbes as one of the 15 Black Travel Writers To Read Now. She has a background in travel and tourism and is a self-described Carivangelist meaning she wants to spread the gospel and diversity of the Caribbean. 

Her travels were only family-related as a child going back and forth between Jamaica, Barbados, and England which is why she’s passionate about the Caribbean.

JetSetSarah has all the wealth of information that you need for your future travel plans to the Caribbean while keeping safe from COVID-19. Here’s just a preview of what’s to come: 

  • [7:54] Sarah’s favorite islands on the Caribbean are Jamaica, Anguilla, Turks and Caicos Island, and Bequia. She says she loves an all-inclusive resort but also urges people to get out and meet the local people. A private island every time she gets to travel would be her norm if money was no object.
  • [14:03] House-keeping and excellent room service. Sarah mentions all the things she loves the resort to provide for her to enjoy her stay.
  • [16:32] Experience the destination. Sarah loves to run and experience her destination and leave with stories. She enjoys the beach but it can get boring which is why she always makes the most out of the place. She however doesn’t get to exercise as much because she mostly travels for work and days can get long.
  • [20:49] Take a runcation! Sarah explains how she participates in marathons when traveling and some tips on how to make it successful. And you know what they say if she can do it, so can you!
  • [23:47] Sara travels with other people (journalists) and sometimes solo for work. She also gets to travel with friends, her husband for leisure and has advice for solo travelers.
  • [26:21] The effects of COVID-19 in Sarah’s life after being forced to stay home. She describes the lows and the highs which are obviously more and how this whole situation has changed her for the better. Why she’s comfortable making her first trip to the Bahamas and her fears getting there.
  • [35:25] Sarah points out how travel has changed and how to control your safety.
  • [37:59] Start small with travel. Take your time to research some places in your proximity that will make you feel miles apart from where you are even though you’re not. You don’t have to travel extravagantly to enjoy travel!

Listen to the podcast to hear some valuable tips about travel that Sarah has for you. Fun Fact: Some of these tips, you would never think of!

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6 thoughts on “Episode 11: Travel Talk with SARAH Greaves-Gabbadon

  • Pamela Phillips

    Thanks for another great travel podcast! Jet Set Sarah was great and touched on some things i have been struggling with traveling again due to COVID. It was good hearing from someone who travels for a living and sharing her concerns for traveling again during the pandemic. I loved her tip, if you are right handed start turning left to stay in shorter lines!! Definitely plan to use it. I think i have read some articles or emails from her from Travel and Leisure. Truly enjoyed listening!!

  • Anonymous

    Podcast was awesome! Turks & Caicos is on our bucket list, so we’ll be working with you on that trip for late 2021.
    Your cousin, Debbie❤️

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