Episode 6: The Beginner’s Episode to Travel Points

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Everything you need to know about points, miles, airlines and credit cards

I know you already like free things, right? How about free travel? Yay! I love free travel and I think you do too, right again?

I invite Samantha Rosen of The Points Guy on the show to discuss everything you need to know about points, miles, airlines and credit cards so that you can travel the world at little to now cost!

Travel has always been part of Samantha’s life since childhood but she knew nothing about travel points and miles until she joined The Points Guy. And in a very weird way, she used her lack of knowledge as a starting point to teach others on the same topic.

The best thing about the tips she gives is that you can be a total travel beginner or an OG like me because even I learned so a lot from Samantha’s Beginner’s Guide including:

  • Consider getting a flexible credit card
  • How to justify expensive annual credit card fees
  • Travel points equal value for money
  • How to translate shopping into travel points

There are a lot of credit cards as Samantha mentions, but it is up to you to know which one works best for you. Get a card that aligns with your travel goals and offers you the best value. Also, it is in your best interest to start slow and find a card that matches your spending habits.

This episode is absolutely value-packed. YOU don’t want to miss a minute. Here’s a preview of what awaits you:

  • [6:08] Get a credit card that gives you a lot of flexibility! Is having an airline specific card the way to go or a financial type of card? Samantha recommends what type of purchases should go on the card while having your travel goal in mind.
  • [15:15] What’s the deal with those high annual credit card fees? Samantha advises that you should not be afraid of cards with annual fees because more often than not the benefits outweigh the cost. But also, be vigilant and do your research before signing up for a card with annual fees.
  • [18:36] Should you sign up for a loyalty program with a hotel or airline? Be sure you only do so with the ones you use and frequent to get the best value.
  • [20:24] Travel points have monetary value! Before you use your points, ask yourself; am I getting the best value out of this?
  • [26:08] The double dipping strategy! Find out how to earn points for one purchase at the same time.
  • [29:27] You can earn points simply by shopping! Airlines partner with major retailers through shopping portals. Gain points from your regular shopping. Amazing isn’t it? Travel for free off of your shopping. 

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4 thoughts on “Episode 6: The Beginner’s Episode to Travel Points

  • Pamela Phillips

    So this topic really hit home! Their are credit cards I have had since college, but I don’t get any type of rewards from them. Maybe every now and then some cashback, but not like what people are offered now. I have been leary about getting rid of those cards because it will probably hurt my credit score, but would love to start enjoying more perks. I love how Samantha Rosen explained about getting a credit card with an annual fee and how it would benefit you. I have always stayed away from those cards because I didn’t want to pay that fee but have learned from Samantha that annual fee is worth it. I have been telling my partner that we should focus on specific airlines and hotels chains to gain more points and enjoy more benefits. Probably within the last couple of years we have only being staying at Marriott or Hilton properties and belong to their rewards programs. We really only fly Southwest and Delta Airlines so we joined their reward programs , so we can enjoy more benefits. We have friends that have been doing these reward programs for years, and they are vacationing free all the time from the benefits from the programs. They even share with us sometimes, which is very nice of them because they have so many points to use up whether its airlines or hotels so they don’t want to lose them.

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