Episode 33: Vaccine or Retire Passport

In this episode I am talking about a hypothetical question — If you were told that you had to get the COVID-19 vaccine in order to travel, would you get the vaccine or retire your passport?

Future travel may require digital documentation showing that passengers have been vaccinated or tested for the Coronavirus. It could be something like when you travel to West Africa and you have to get the yellow fever card, for example, Ghana requires you to show proof that you have had this vaccine in order to enter the country. So that’s what I’m thinking that this digital or documentation will be similar.

I asked the question on Instagram to my followers.  I asked if they would take the vaccine or retire their passport and 89% said they would take the vaccine. 10% said they would retire their passport. 

I asked some of the people to elaborate on their vote and tell me how they feel about vaccine or retire passport.

Listen to what everyone said:

[00:03:34] Deja the Explorer 

[00:05:20] Melissa

[00:06:04] Melody A

[00:07:09] Pam P. 

[00:07:50] Ray Hayden with Triple R travel.

[00:09:34] Tiffany Klein

[00:11:16] Be responsible to the people of the countries that you visit by not spreading the virus to them 

[00:11:41] The no people fell like it hasn’t been out long enough

That’s the end of this podcast. If you have more travel questions or topics you want me to talk about, send them to me on my Instagram.

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3 thoughts on “Episode 33: Vaccine or Retire Passport

  • Pamela Phillips

    Definitely a relevant topic that needs to continue to be discussed. Please do a part two regardless!!

  • Curtis Holbert

    Great episode! It was short and sweet. But I would’ve loved to hear from a male’s perspective though. On that note, I will be taking the vaccine expeditiously. My first dose is Saturday morning. Initially I was against it. I mean, I’ve taken vaccines all of my life, dating back to the military. I think I’ve turned out fine. Yes, you do have to do your research though. It all comes down to one’s immunity system. I’m ready to travel again and attend Cowboys games! AUSTRALIA on deck!

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