Episode 48: Are You a Travel Procrastinator?

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Are you a travel procrastinator?

A couple of months ago, I sent out an email to my subscribers about an amazing Labour Day vacation package to Planet Hollywood Cancun. I gave everyone 2 weeks to pay their deposit.

It’s now June, and people are still calling me and asking if the package is still available.


Because they are travel procrastinators.

Let’s figure out whether or not you’re a travel procrastinator, and how to solve that problem.

[05:47] There’s a disconnect with your future self.

For some people, their future self feels a bit like a stranger.

If you’re disconnected from your future self, you’re more likely to procrastinate because you’re thinking of yourself today.

[07:43] Unwilling to commit to something so far in advance.

I’ve read several books that say you need to incorporate your vacations into your work schedule at the beginning of the year already. In fact, you should plan your vacations first, and then plan your work around those vacation times.

Vacations are part of your self-care. Schedule those vacations far in advance and then plan your life around them.

[09:42] Delayed fun.

It’s human nature to want instant gratification – some people procrastinate booking their vacation far in advance because they don’t want to wait to have their fun.

Sometimes, waiting has its advantages.

If you wait until it’s too late, you might be missing out on that amazing deal.

[11:22] The fear of the ability to pay.

If you’re financially able, you’ve got to do what’s necessary to take advantage of great prices, because prices go up the longer you wait – this makes it even more unlikely that you’ll be able to pay.

[14:00] Figure out why you procrastinate.

If the source of your procrastination is your finances, perhaps you can figure out some way to get it under control and also allow yourself to save towards your travels.

If you’re procrastinating because you’re waiting for someone to become available to join you on your trip, you need to learn how to travel solo. If you have to travel with someone but your friends aren’t available, you can find roommate matching options.

If your future self wants to travel, you need to be booking trips for your future self and not your current self.

If you can’t take the risk, travel insurance can save you from a major loss.

The only way to solve your procrastination problem is to simply dive into it and commit to your travels.

Travel procrastination is real.

If you don’t want to deal with other people being procrastinators, learn to travel solo. If you’re the procrastinator, there are ways of solving the problems so that you can get out and travel.

You want to be doing things to take care of your future self.

Hopefully this episode has given you some things to think about and consider when you find yourself procrastinating your next trip.

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