Club MoBay Airport Lounge (Jamaica)

As an avid traveler and travel agent, I travel a lot and one of my favorite destinations to travel to is Jamaica. I travel to Jamaica often—sometimes 2-3 times per year.

One perk that I enjoy when traveling to and from Jamaica is Club MoBay.

Being from Nashville, Tennessee, it is not custom to arrive at the airport 3 hours prior to departure to ensure that you catch your flight. In Nashville, we can arrive 1 hour early, check in, get through security, and still have time to sit and wait to board our plane. 

The longest line in the Nashville International Airport is the Starbucks Line. Now that is the line that you need to arrive early to the airport for.

When you are departing Jamaica, expect the transportation company to notify you that your pickup time for the airport, will be three hours priors to your flight departure time.  I am rolling my eyes because I am not a fan of sitting in the airport terminal doing nothing. That is why I started booking Club MoBay.


Club MoBay is a VIP arrival and departure lounge located inside the Sangster’s International Airport, in Montego Bay, Jamaica.  Club Mobay offers fast track through the airport and a lounge for waiting that offers food and alcoholic beverages.


Club MoBay Arrival Services differ from the departure services. 

When you arrive at the Sangster’s International Airport, there will be someone waiting for you with a sign with your name on it. 

Club MoBay Airport Lounge

The Club MoBay representative will zip you through the long lines of the Jamaican customs process that can result into awfully long lines if multiple airlines arrive at the airport at the same time.  If this happens then Club MoBay Arrival Services would be an excellent benefit.

After getting you through customs, you are then taken to baggage claim while the representative waits with you to retrieve your luggage.

After luggage, you are escorted to the Club MoBay lounge where you have a seat, are offered a drink and a snack while the representative tracks down your transportation. Once your transportation has been tracked down, then you are off and ready to go to your resort and enjoy your vacation.


The Club MoBay Departure Lounge is the place to hang out and enjoy yourself while waiting on your plane to board to return home from (hopefully) an amazing vacation. 

Once you check in for your flight and drop off your luggage, you will check in for Club MoBay and zip through the security lines through a dedicated Club MoBay VIP Lounge line to get you through security faster. 

Once you have cleared security, you are then off to locate the Club MoBay VIP Lounge until your flight.

While in the departure lounge, you have access to:

  • Unlimited beverages (alcohol and non-alcoholic) 
Club MoBay Airport Lounge
  • Unlimited hot and cold snacks
Club MoBay Airport Lounge
  • Children’s playroom
  • Wi-Fi access
  • Shower facilities
  • Restrooms
  • Massage services ($)
  • Manicure and Pedicure Services ($)


Club MoBay Departure Lounge is worth it. As I stated before, I am not interested in getting to the airport three hours before my flight departs however, if I must get to the airport hours before my flight departs, I rather do my time sitting in a VIP lounge with unlimited food, drinks, and Wi-Fi. 

To be completely honest, going through the dedicated VIP line for security is not worth paying for the VIP club. The VIP Line does not move all that fast. I still must take off my shoes, belts, and unload my laptop and iPad to go through security and the line really does not move that much faster than the non-VIP line.

When I pay for Club MoBay Departure VIP Lounge, I am paying to not sit in the uncomfortable chairs, in the terminal, doing nothing. I am pay to sit at a bar, enjoy unlimited beef patties and all I can drink liquor while I wait for my plane to board. 

The bartenders are always a good time and entertaining. 

I am paying for an experience that I want to enjoy while I wait for my vacation to officially end once I leave the VIP Lounge and board my plane.

With all of that said……I do not feel that Club MoBay Arrival Services are worth it and here is why….

When you arrive to Jamaica, you just want to get your luggage, find your transportation, get in the car, and get to your resort. 

In my opinion, no one is interested in making a stop at an airport lounge to have food and drink before you get in the car and depart for the resort. Especially since the only alcohol they are offering is Rum Punch.  The arrival lounge does not have the full open bar like the departure lounge.  

I can get food and drink at the resort when I arrive. I do not need something to hinder me from getting to the fun faster.

Therefore, in my humble opinion, I feel that Club MoBay Departure is worth it however arrival services are not.


There are several ways to book Club MoBay and the most popular is when you are booking with our travel agent that you add Club MoBay to your travel package, and it is included in your vacation package.

If you are not booking with a travel agent and booking on our own, then you can CLICK HERE and book Club MoBay Departure for any upcoming vacation travels.

If you would like both Club MoBay Arrival and Departure Services with Round-Trip Private Transfers to and from the airport, CLICK HERE to book.


Club MoBay Departure Lounge that I recommend is $30 per person and should be booked as soon as you decide to book a vacation to Jamaica. 

Club MoBay only sells a certain amount of ticket per day and once they sell out, there is no more available. Therefore, if you are interested, purchase your spot immediately. Do not be a travel procrastinator and miss your spot at Club MoBay.

If you are interested, Club MoBay Arrival Lounge, the cost is starting at $30.

And if you are interested in both Club MoBay Arrival and Departure Lounge, then you will prepare to pay $80.


If you need Club MoBay or not is a personal preference however for myself, you know my motto….” It is all about what you want to experience while you are on vacation” and in my life, I need Club MoBay Departure Services to pass the time while I wait to end my vacation in Jamaica. 

I do not feel you need the arrival lounge, but you should experience the departure lounge for yourself and determine if this is something you want to experience during your vacation.

As for the arrival lounge, I am trying to get to the fun as fast as I can, so I really do not need a middleman in between arriving in Jamaica and getting to the resort.

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