Episode 45: How to Cut Cost After Booking a Vacation

How to Cut Cost After Booking a Vacation
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Have you ever put together the last of your coins just to go on your vacation, and hoped that you don’t get any surprise out-of-pocket expenses?

I’m willing to bet you’ve been there or you know someone who’s been there.

Today, I’m going to be giving you the tips and tricks for when you need that vacation, but you can’t afford any of the extras.

Let’s get into these tips on how to cut cost after booking a vacation:

[02:13] Check luggage.

If you want to avoid paying for your baggage to fly with you, you need to get into packing light.

Some airlines allow up to two carry-on bags, and that’s more than enough to fit all your essentials. By simply taking some detergent, you can pack extra light and just wash your clothes more regularly while you’re on your vacation.

If you want some light packing advice, check out Episode 16 and Episode 28.

[03:55] Food and drink at the airport.

If you’re trying to save money, buying food and drinks in the airports while waiting for your flight is probably not a good idea.

Pack your own food, and carry a reusable cup so that you can collect water once you’re through security. Yes, you can take your own food through airport security – it’s actually the liquids that have a size limit, not the food.

If you pack in a few snacks for your room, then you can also keep costs down or avoid a situation where you want a snack but there’s no room service or you need to leave your room to find a snack.

[07:06] Liquor.

I do not travel without my Jack Daniels. I even travel with my Jack Daniels miniatures in my carry-on. That way I don’t have to pay those high airport prices for my cocktail.

Liquor can be your biggest expense.

If you’re going to a hotel that isn’t all-inclusive, you might want to pack in your own liquor. Those liquor bills can definitely add up if you have to pay for each drink at the hotel.

Even at all-inclusive resorts, it could be more expensive to purchase your liquor on property. I solve this by going to duty-free stores at the airport and getting my bottle of Jack Daniels before getting to the resort.

[09:28] Food.

If you’re not staying at an all-inclusive resort, try booking a room with a kitchen, purchasing a few ingredients, and cooking up your own meals.

If you absolutely can’t get a room with a whole kitchen, try and get one with a microwave and a refrigerator. Those can go a long way if you want to be able to reheat or store food that you’ve ordered.

[10:57] Souvenirs.

When I travel, I’m not buying anyone any souvenirs. And you don’t have to either.

What is the purpose of souvenirs? Did you experience this destination? If not, how is the keychain going to help you?

If you don’t have the money to spare for a souvenir, don’t go out of your way to purchase that item that has nothing to do with the person that wasn’t on the trip to begin with.

[12:56] Activities.

It is possible to go on vacation and have a good time without paying for extra activities and entertainment.

At all-inclusive resorts, it’s even easier. Most, if not all, activities on all-inclusive resorts are included in your stay.

Don’t believe me? You need to meet my mother and let her tell you how she spent a grand total of $2.50 on a week-long cruise.

I spent no money during my stay at Riu Reggae in Jamaica.

[14:09] Conclusions.

If you don’t have extra money to spend while you’re on vacation, let me tell you that you do not have to feel bad. You just need to plan, be strategic, and find ways to maximise your stay without maximising your expenses.

Remember, your responsibilities are waiting for you when you get back from that vacation, so don’t get yourself into financial trouble just because you tried to do some things that your budget couldn’t handle.

There are most likely many free activities, tours, and entertainment options that you can choose from at your destination.

I’m just going to leave you with these words of wisdom:

Vacation responsibly.

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