Episode 12: Travel Tips I Learned from Watching Seinfeld

Still a shock to me how I went from one to twelve episodes without mentioning the sitcom Seinfeld.

I am so excited about Episode #12 of The Erica James Travel Show, as I reveal 19 tips I learned from watching Seinfeld.

So let’s have some fun going over the 19 best travel tips that I learned from watching my FAVORITE show of all time, Seinfeld.

Tip 1: Trips are relationship killers!

Be careful how soon you travel with someone who you are dating. It could change the dynamics of your relationship. It can be good or bad. Jerry’s girlfriend didn’t like the resort. It was raining and they ran out of things to talk. She even thought he was being cheap. “Trips can be relationship killers”. Have a listen Episode 5 of my travel podcast titled “should you take a vacation with someone you are not in a relationship with?

Tip 2 – Don’t drink too much on a plane.

Don’t get wasted on the plane. If you drink too much, you might get yourself thrown off the plane or might get sick and your travel plans will be ruined.

Tip 3: Be careful who you talk to on a plane

Don’t agree to be responsible for any stranger’s belongings because they may never return . Jerry had to take care of a stranger’s dog for weeks because he got drunk and was sick and hospitalized.

Tip 4: Airport food is expensive.

Airport food can be very expensive. If you are on a tight budget, please bring your food with you on your travels. Did you know that TSA will allow you to take food through security? It is only liquids that have rules. Kindly refer to my blog on “things you should not do on the plane”.

Tip 5: Be yourself. Don’t pretend to be someone you are not.

Don’t ever pretend to be someone that you are not, especially at the airport, using car services. Never pretend to be someone that you are not and steal someone else’s limo. Get your own transportation. Jerry and George pretended to be O’Brian, took his transportation and was labeled as racist nazi.

Tip 6: Keep to one side on the moving walkway.

Don’t get on the moving walkway and stand in the middle. Move to either side or better still, keep walking.

Tip 7: Be a good tipper

Make friends and tip your housekeeper for taking good care of you. How much you should tip is still debatable. If you tip house keepers, let me know. If you don’t tip house keepers, let me know as well. I will love to hear your feedback.

Tip 8: Don’t leave anything in your room that you do not want thrown away.

Don’t leave anything in your room that you don’t want thrown away or stolen. Jerry wrote a joke on a napkin and it was thrown away by the housekeeper. So always remember go out with anything valuable

Tip 9: If you check your bags curbside, at the airport, tip well.

Make sure you tip the people taking your bags to the checking point just as you arrive the airport. This is because they are responsible for where your baggage goes. Elaine’s bags ended up in Hawaii and she was going somewhere else. This can be frustrating.  So please, ensure you tip them well.

Tip 10: First class or no first class

If there are only two seats left in the plane, one is first class while the other is in coach, and there are two of you travelling, work out a fair way to make a decision so that no one is upset. You can flip a coin. Please don’t think you are more deserving than the person you are travelling with. Jerry and Ellen had their flights cancelled and got on another flight with two seats vacant. One was first-class and the other was in coach. Jerry automatically thought he since Elaine had never flown first class, she wouldn’t know what she was missing.

Tip 11: The airport pickup is extremely important.

If someone ask you to pick them up from the airport, you need to be there on time and make sure you are at the right place to pick that person.

Tip 12: Don’t block the aisles during food/beverage service.

Don’t get up to go to the bathroom during food service. Try to go to the bathroom before or after food service.

Tip 13: Never sneak into first class. Stay in your lane.

Don’t sneak into first class and take a seat even if there are empty seats, after the flight as taken off. You will be asked to return back to coach. Elaine had a shameful experience as she was made to take that walk of shame back to coach.

Tip 14: Just because you go on vacation with someone does not mean sex it automatic.

If you haven’t already slept with someone and you both go on a trip, are you signing a letter of intent? Jerry seems to think so.

Establish expectations upfront prior to going on a trip with anyone. Have a listen to Episode 5 on my podcast on how to “Establish expectations prior to going on a trip with someone”.

Tip 15: Don’t go topless on a group trip

If you are on a group trip with men and women, don’t go topless in front of the group. George’s girlfriend, who he has never been with, went topless in front of Jerry, Elaine and Kramer, and this didn’t sit well with George.

Tip 16 : Shrinkage is a real thing

Always lock the changing door before taking off your swimsuit after being in the pool. George had a bitter experience after Jerry’s girlfriend walked in on him changing his swimsuit.

Tip 17

Tip 18: It goes down in the airport lounge

Airport Lounges are a great hangout places. You can meet so many people. There is free food and drinks and it’s comfy. If you can invest in a credit card that automatically gives you access to an airport lounge, that’s a great benefit. Or you can earn travel points that gives you the access. Have a listen to Episode 6 of my podcast on “credit cards that gives you access to airport lounges”. But remember, don’t get drunk.

Tip 19: Never piss off the pilot!

Do not piss off the pilot. He might be the one to fly you back home and you don’t want him kicking you out of the plane. Jerry had a problem with the pilot being in his audience and got kicked off the plane by the same pilot.

I hope you found these tips very valuable and funny! Seinfeld is my favorite sitcom of all time and everything in your life is a Seinfeld episode and you can learn a lot from watching Seinfeld.

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One thought on “Episode 12: Travel Tips I Learned from Watching Seinfeld

  • Pamela Phillips

    I never watched Seinfeld, but this podcast had me laughing!! Very creative to take one of your favorite shows and relate it to everyday traveling. My mom and stepdad traveled for approximately 15 years domestic and internationally, and so they would always tell me to tip and to tip well. If it wasn’t for them, a lot of the travel etiquette I would not have. I understand the tipping of the Skycap workers because they keep you from standing in lines inside an airport with your luggage. It’s expedited service, right at your convenience.
    Because I do tip a lot of people when I travel, I do receive great service and you will be surprised how someone remembers you and will continue to make your vacation extra special. I actually factor in tips for my travel budget.

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